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6 Common Mistakes Students Must Avoid in Board Exams

Board exams are the crunch time when students need to prove their worth against the clock. But due to stress and panic, some students make some common mistakes, resulting in lesser marks despite working hard for the examination. Considering the situation, here we’ve summed up some common mistakes that students should avoid in board exams. Let’s delve in and check them out one-by-one.

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Not Properly Reading the Question Paper

Upon not reading the question paper thoroughly, students seem to commit mistakes for sure. Hence, students should contribute at least first 30 seconds or 1 minute of their time to properly read the question paper and understand that what the examiner is actually asking. Doing so will help them draft a rough sketch of answers in their mind as well as manage the given time for board exams accordingly.

Mismanagement of Time

This is another factor students should avoid in board exams. Students should not spend much of their time on a particular answer; else they’ll not be able to complete their examination on time. While reading the question paper, it’s better to plan and dedicate the amount of time to each question so that they can attempt it great.

Leaving Easy Questions to attempt at the eleventh hour

The most important point to avoid in board exams is not to leave easy questions to attempt in the end. Students believe that easy questions consume less time, hence they focus more on attempting difficult ones. But sometimes due to falling short of time, the easy questions are left unattempted. Therefore, they should attempt them in the start so that they can be sure of getting good marks. That also makes good impression on the examiner.

Not using diagrams

Diagrams or charts help in fetching good marks, only if they are neatly represented or correctly labeled. Making the understanding of the concept easier, diagrams are an effective way to present answers in front of the examiner. Consequently, students should try to use a diagram while writing their answers.


Though students can’t improve their handwriting at the time of the exam, yet it is important to attempt paper without any cuttings and scratches. So that even if the handwriting of a student is not-so-good, at least his/her answers can be easily understood by the examiner without any hindrance. Because no examiner will put extra efforts to understand what content a student have written, they hardly bother and just cross it – if not clear.

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Rechecking of answers attempted

Due to ignorance or lack of time, many students don’t take a plunge to recheck their paper. Although last 5-10 minutes are really crucial, try to check answers for accuracy or correctness. Also check roll number or other necessary information at least twice.

Final Thought

A good technique to attempt board exams can bring a lot of difference when it comes to final scores. To do so, we wish the mistakes cited above will be avoided by students during attempting their board examination.

As while attempting board exams time is not on your side, hence bid adieu to these mistakes and avoid them in board exams. All the very best!




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