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An all-rounder and dedicated person: Ananya Srivastava

I am Ananya Srivastava from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh; pursuing B.A.,L.L.B. from MMDU, Mullana. My goal in life is to excel in the legal profession. I consider myself a gallant contessa who rules her own empire with both hard work and smart work.

It was my vision to bring a positive change in the Indian society and I thought law will be the best field to contribute on my part and that’s why I decided to follow my passion and dream career at one of the best law colleges of India. I was confused about choosing the right college. Simply because I was looking for an accredited University and institution that provided me with thunderous opportunities to excel in my profession! So finally I decided to enroll in MMDU Mullana which has a state-of-the-art campus and also organizes Moot Courts, regular conferences and sessions for the global exposure of the students.

In last few months, I have gained not just confidence but also more than 15 trophies and many certificates in public speaking competitions and moot courts at different levels including National competitions as well.

Today when I look back, I feel content and satisfied with my progress, from being the continuous topper of my batch since 2017 to winning AIU National Seminar 2018, it has been a great journey of emotional, mental, intellectual and physical development and it has all been possible in reality due to the genuine contribution of faculty members of my college and continuous support of Literary Club-Expressions and DSW of the institution.

The facilities and amenities provided by the institution are quiet decent and good because as a hosteller I have experienced the close culture of the campus. There exists a healthy and co-operative environment to grow and learn together, irrespective of the fact that many of us belong to different parts of India. I have many friends who belong to African continent and other Asian countries apart from India. So living with such a diversified and versatile population we all learn how to appreciate the uniqueness in each one of us. I can proudly say that MMDU, Mullana cherishes unity in diversity.

I have won many debates, declamations, elocutions and other literary events in and outside campus till today along with two intra Moot Court Competitions. Recently in February this year, I won the Best Mooter award and first position in Intra Moot Court Competition. The university has many clubs and mentors who keep encouraging the students to take part in such extra-curricular activities. MMDU has been the best platform for me where I got a number of opportunities to develop my skills and personality. I guess I’m more confident in the legal profession now and I am learning more day by day and that’s all due to my law course here. I am ready to face the world without the fear of winning or losing and that’s the best development in my personality.



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