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B.Tech. Course in Biotechnology: A Unique blend of applying Engineering tools to Life Science

Biotechnology is not only an interesting branch of life science but also the thriving sector with endless job opportunities. Biotechnology gets the credit for bringing to the world newer and novel tools to find out the cure for the ailing individuals. This has really set the standards for upliftment of the quality of life and well-being of an individual. Any education in the field of biotechnology is a good investment. This interdisciplinary branch of Biotechnology is uniquely aligned to cater to the needs of various sectors including drug and pharmaceutical research, food processing, Bio-processing industries, environment control, waste management and energy needs etc. One may easily look into these diverse career options available in the above sectors.

Career planning in India was on the back-foot few decades back but now slowly and steadily it has picked up momentum and people started taking notice of life sciences. Today if we observe in media or newspaper, one particular section is fully devoted to cover major breakthroughs in biological spheres encompassing discoveries related to removal of heavy metal contaminants by microbes, pesticides degrading microbes to genetically modified organisms to various advances in stem cell technology and molecular diagnostics. Therefore if someone is passionate about choosing Biotechnology or Biology, there are many alternatives to pursue a career in life sciences than to go to a medical college for MBBS degree as career in life sciences is a unique blend of in-depth knowledge, innovation, science and drug discovery providing not only a career opportunity but also as a means to serve the mankind.

Many times, it has been seen in our Indian set-up that if a medical aspiring student fails to get though NEET rendering him or her ineligible to get into any medical college, parents in such a situation press their wards either to go through intense coaching and prepare for the next NEET. Instead of wasting more time or taking up any sub-standard course, experts advise the youth to consider doing a degree in Biotechnology. This interdisciplinary course of B.Tech in Biotechnology gives an individual the opportunity to fulfill his/her desires to go through many of the subjects taught in medical course and simultaneously some of the interdisciplinary subjects where engineering tools are employed in order to enhance the applicability of the product for the benefit of the mankind. This particular course certainly provides an alternative career option for the students with an overlap of medical and engineering disciplines. Sometimes it has been observed that the student going by the nomenclature of the Course i.e. B.Tech Biotechnology, start imagining of this as an Engineering course where lots of mathematics will be involved but in reality this is not the case. A very preliminary and elementary level mathematics is there in this course in the first year only.

Another beauty of this course is that one may develop computational skills and imply these tools to biology, making one specialized in Bioinformatics, another branch of Biotechnology having vast opportunities in major companies that include big names like Wipro, Sun Pharma, Abbot, Lupin Biotech, Astra Zeneca, Mankind Pharma etc.

So if you are keen to go ahead for a lucrative career in Biotechnology, choose to enroll with the leading university of North India MMDU where you will get guided and mentored by the best faculty of Biotechnology and earn your degree in a state-of-the-art vibrant campus.


Blog written By:

Dr. Anil K. Sharma,PhD PGIMER Chandigarh (2000)
Formerly Sr. Scientist and Postdoc Fellow at UIC Chicago,USA (2003-2010)
Professor & Head,Department of Biotechnology


  1. It is a pleasure to see a post from our sir, (i was a student of MSc. 2012 batch) who is a soft-spoken person, good manners and always ready to help students. I had worked in many fields related to biotechnology such as microbiology, plant tissue culture, fermentation technologies, etc. Currently, I am working on areas related to blood cancer like culturing of blood cancer cells, molecular works like transfection, PCR, western blotting, etc. in Manipur University. As far as I know, I find this field to be the toughest and requires a lot of money to run the experiments. we have to be very precise while doing any experiment. I am just sharing my opinion as I, being a student of biotechnology. Hoping for the best.


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