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What is the difference between BA-LLB and LLB?

With ever-increasing competition in law field, students are now choosing to do BA-LLB in place of simple LLB. But are these two very different? And how does it impact the student and his/her career when he or she chooses to do BA-LLB course rather than simple LLB? Both these questions are answered in detail –

It is important to know that both BA-LLB and LLB are the leading programs in the area of study of law in India. Also, do remember that the scope of these courses would vary to a larger extent as you go deeper into their primary differences. The Bar Council of India has approved both these programs.

Following are the key differentiators between the most popular law courses in India, BA-LLB, and LLB. These will help you pick the ideal choice for yourself if you are facing any confusion regarding their relevance and the career opportunities they present to you.

  • BA LLB is primarily a 5 year integrated course in Law. It is in combination with Arts. LLB, on the other hand, is a 3 year simple Bachelor of Laws program which you can pursue after you have completed your graduation in the field of study you prefer.
  • BA LLB comprises the subjects of the Arts stream along with Law subjects. LLB however, is solely the study of the law and the most closely related subjects.
  • Because BA is integrated with LLB here, by studying it, aspirants saves one year. On the other hand though, the Bachelor of Laws program is only a single degree course.

By pursuing either of the two, BA-LLB and LLB courses, aspirants can gain more knowledge about our legal system. So if you want a dual degree and erudite satisfaction, BA-LLB course is recommended for you.

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