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3 Simple Ways how Coding Boosts Your Brain & Makes You Smarter

Your brain can retain a lot of stuff. It grows as it imbibes more knowledge and this is the ability of the human mind that most top computer engineering colleges in India want their students to discover. Do you know that we grow new brain cells practically every day? We grow them even faster and even in higher numbers as we learn new things. Does this also mean that learning activities such as coding can boost your brain and make you smarter? Let’s find out right now.

Coding And Mental Models

Do you know that it is going to make a lot of difference what programming language you learn first? It is not at all fair but yes we do have a natural inclination towards a certain kind of programming language by default. Especially if you are a beginner, you would begin with something that is easier on your brain and then move on to something that is more difficult. It is like when you were in school and had started with Basic, Logo, COBOL and FORTRAN. As you grow you will be more inclined towards Java and Python. Does this mean that we’re getting smarter as we’re learning more concepts of coding? Probably.

Strengthening Your Brain Health

In a study published a few years ago, it was found that certain kinds of mental engagement can make our brains sharper. Coding is that form of a high-demand cognitive activity which involves a lot of learning and memorizing. It requires a certain intellectual level that can only be achieved through constant practice and learning throughout your life. So, does that mean that if you are able to learn programming or a coding language, you are smarter than other individuals in the same age group? It seems so.

Not Just About Mathematics & Logic

People tend to think that individuals that are strong in logic and mathematics would most likely take admissions in the leading B.Tech CSE colleges across the country. It is naturally understood that only a particular kind of mind is able to learn coding but this is not true. Coding can be anybody’s cup of tea provided they are dedicated and serious about it. Coming back to the question of whether it is able to boost your brain function and make you smarter or not, the following section explains it better:

  • BA 6: The middle frontal gyrus gets activated (responsible for attention, language, working memory)
  • BA 21: The middle temporal gyrus works overtime (responsible for semantic memory retrieval)
  • BA 40/ BA 44/ BA 47: You can work on your inferior parietal lobule / Inferior frontal gyrus (responsible for working memory)

Learning coding is clearly going to give your mind enough exercise to make it stronger just like any other muscle in your body. So does this mean that coding boosts your brain & makes you smarter? Definitely!

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