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Agriculture – Courses, Entrance, Exams, Scope and Subjects

India has been an agrarian nation and the north Indian states, Punjab, M.P, U.P, Haryana & others takes the credit for being the bread basket of India. With new India focusing on food-processing industry and the ever-increasing foreign direct investment in Agriculture sector, the demand for educated agriculture professionals has increased manifold. New concepts like yield enhancement and food processing, require new age education in Agriculture. In fact, ‘Progressive Farmer’ is the new term and the young ones want to practice farming only after they have done some course in Agriculture.

Hence, there has been a surge in courses and study programs related to Agriculture. The youngsters have become keen to understand the new technology, trends and innovations in agriculture so that they can contribute in increasing the yield and income of farmers. So if you are also interested in being a thought leader or trendsetter in agriculture, or in creating awareness among agrarian community and encouraging them to adopt new/cost-effective farming practices; it is recommended that you enrol for a degree course in Agriculture. Haryana, being one of the top agrarian states of India, has many Agriculture College include MM(DU) that offer degree courses in agriculture and the applications, comprises of agricultural science and successful implementation of contemporary agricultural methods and all the equipment.

India’s thriving economy chiefly depends on agriculture aspirants who can recognize the significance of the Agriculture course at a level where they can be highly professional. Haryana is a prosperous agricultural state of India. All the students who are willing to opt for agriculture course in Haryana need to have a fundamental knowledge of this field and an innovative bent towards it. Doing a degree course in Agriculture or enrolling for BSc (Hons) from one of the top agriculture colleges in Haryana will help you assume the role of a professional having expert knowledge in Soil science and Agrichemistry so to help the farmers.

Several modern aspects can be studied all through this course and agriculture colleges in Haryana are offering in-depth knowledge of water resources, soil science, land surveying, managing animal husbandry, and few other aspects of biotechnology. The chief purpose behind the agriculture course is to teach the modern and inventive methods of agriculture and enhance productivity.

Agriculture Courses

Some of the agricultural courses that you can opt for BSc Hons agriculture colleges in Haryana are-

  • Agricultural Entomology
  • Agricultural Agronomy

Other agriculture courses you can take when you choose this field are plant pathology, entomology, horticulture, soil science, fisheries, food technology, home science, forestry, fisheries, and veterinary science. In case the students wish to master these fields they can opt for the master’s degree as well. Students can study these subjects as a specialization during their master’s degree course as there are numerous MSc Agriculture (Agronomy) colleges in Haryana.

Who can opt for this course

If you think only rural youth need to do a course or degree in Agriculture; you cannot be more wrong. The food processing industry and the agro economic industry is now keen to hire agriculture professionals who have more than basic knowledge in important aspects of farming. Owing to the increasing demand for this course, even people from urban regions are opting for it. The latest drift of organic farming is making this course a hot favourite for a large number of enthusiasts in this area. It is suggested that students who apply for this course should have analytical thinking and a positive mindset for the fieldwork.

Agriculture Course Eligibility Criteria

  1. Passing 10+2 or any other equivalent exam.
  2. They should be from the science stream
  3. Minimum 50% of the score in the higher secondary school examination
  4. Some agriculture college in Haryana conduct their entrance exam to qualify for this course

Fee Structure of Agriculture Course

All the universities and colleges have their diverse fees structure, which changes annually. Some of the universities are offering courses that comprise fieldwork and internships.

Entrance Exam Of Agriculture Course

ICAR or the Indian Council of Agricultural Research conducts an Entrance Exam for short-listing their candidates for graduation, post-graduation, and other doctoral programs in the field of agriculture. But Haryana’s top university, MM(DU) does not conduct any entrance test and their agriculture degree courses are equally popular and professionally oriented.

Scope of Agriculture Course

The scope of students who have done Agriculture course and obtained a degree is immense in India. With the help of an Agriculture degree, the students can develop novel systems of organic farming and share their in-depth knowledge with other farmers so that they can have chemical-free crop produce. Professionals who have acquired BSc agriculture courses have even vast scope in this field and can explore the finest opportunities to toil on even more advanced agricultural technologies.

Graduates in BSc agriculture can get a good salary package both in India as well as abroad. Diverse sectors like the dairy industry, food processing, poultry industry, FMCG, fertilizer Production Companies offer wonderful opportunities to the candidates who are Agriculture graduates. A huge number of agro-industries fertilizer production and fertilizer Production Companies need employment related to this science field. So, all the professionals who have pursued BSc in Agriculture degree are fit for these positions and get very good experience in this industry.

There are quite a few career options for graduate students. They can get a good position with an enormous salary packet in this sector. Some of the best-offered roles with good salary packages are offered for jobs like-

  • Assistant Manager of Tea, coffee, teak, Jute and Rubber Plantation, etc, Soil Forestry Officer, Plant Breeder, Soil Quality Officer, Nursery Manager, Tissue culture expert to name a few.

Agriculture Graduates can begin their consultancy firm from where they can educate farmers with enhanced farming techniques and improve crop productivity. They can also practice the modern techniques in their farms and can generate heavy production from it.



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