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Best study tips for MBBS students

While opting for MBBS, the choice of college matters a lot. India has numerous medical colleges across the country but MBBS colleges in Haryana are good and train the professionals to perfection.

Opting for the MBBS course involves a huge investment of time and resources if you wish to get the most out of this course. Though you have undergone several exams at an undergraduate level, going for MBBS requires another level of hard work, organization, and a skilful approach. So even if you are passionate about studying medicine, student life can be overwhelming and at times stressful. You must learn how to work under pressure and prepare yourself for situations right from the beginning. Well, as an MBBS student, you need to be prepared to achieve perfection and become a highly trained doctor. We are sharing some expert level study tips for MBBS students –

  • Have a study timetable and study smart– MBBS is a tough course and it’s not a child’s play to assume the role and responsibility of being a doctor. Some students prefer group study sessions whereas others like to study alone to avoid distractions. Group study is a better way as everyone has their way of collating information and organize their study materials, which offer variety and vast information. But you must have your own timetable and indulge in smart study as per your preferences.
  • The hardest topics should be taken when you are fresh– You would be surprised to know that most of the MBBS students and doctors feel that the first year of MBBS has been the toughest. Almost all the subjects are new and even the approach and way of studying is different. So, expert academicians recommend that you choose tough topics like Anatomy, Forensic Medicine very first and devote more time in understanding them.
  • Get adequate sleep- While concentrating on your study material, do not sleep deprive yourself. As a medical student, you should know the importance of sleep. If you sleep well, it will cognitively boost up your health and will help you study better, keep you healthy, happy, and motivated all the time.
  • Practice previous year’s exam papers- All the students preparing for MBBS should practice previous year’s question papers for preparation so that they get experience and a fair idea as to what type of questions will be hurled upon them during exams.
  • Consult your mentors– Professors and teaching faculty are the mentors who can be reached out from time to time for guidance during your medical studies. They have their own experience and information and they listen to your difficulties and encourage you to trust your ideas as they can relate to your struggles. They will also advise you to read plenty of medical blogs and articles, which can be helpful in the future.
  • Take a day out for relaxation-Lot of hard work and commitment is required to become a competent doctor. Studying 24*7 will leave the students burned out and depressed. Regular hospital shifts along with studying will teach you a lot but relaxing your mind is equally important and is required to keep you fresh. Having a day out with your friends and family will keep you charged and motivated.

To conclude, we can say that if you want to be successful, reviewing study material at regular intervals is a must. Hard work, proper work ethics, and confidence are important aspects and every medical student has them. What is more important is to organize your study methods and opt for the best MBBS colleges in Haryana to make a great career as a doctor.



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