Finance and related matters serve as the crux of any and every business. Today, the application of finance covers a wide range from corporate and government studies to the banking and insurance sector. And a management degree in the domain of finance and allied streams requires a deep-rooted understanding of accounting, quantitative and analytical skills, economic and finance principles, which in turn equip an individual to acquire, manage and allocate financial resources.

An MBA in Finance Management is a post-graduation program that is primarily concerned with managing the accounts and finances of companies, in sync with their financial objectives. The program gears up a student with the know-how on asset management, pricing, financial planning, risk management, etc. An MBA in Finance is the most sought-after choice for students who are inclined to understand and analyze the financial models and the stock market.

The program details: MBA in finance is offered either as a specialization or elective course in the second year of the regular full-time MBA which is a 2 year program. Other electives offered include HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations, etc. The student can opt for any specialization based on his merit and his interest. A student who opts for MBA in finance course studies different aspects of business like Corporate investment management, Portfolio management, Hedge fund management, Investments, Securities analysis Budgeting, Business Accounting, Global Accounting, Costing, Equity & Bonds, Working Capital Management, International Finance, Coverage of global financial institutions, valuation, volatility, fixed income securities, international markets, and macroeconomics help students to develop a solution-oriented approach towards potential problems in a company.

Top Colleges in India and Abroad: Some colleges in India offer the best curriculum in the domain of finance. Top MBA finance colleges in India include IIM Ahmedabad, FMS Delhi, MM Institute of Management. While top MBA finance colleges in the world include The Wharton School Philadelphia (PA), Harvard Business School Cambridge (MA), Columbia Business School New York (NY), Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford (CA), London Business School, London (UK).

Career Opportunities: An MBA in Finance typically prepares graduates for a broad range of careers. Since Finance is a multi-disciplinary field, graduates with MBA in finance can find opportunities in the domain of investment banking, Consulting, Merchant Banking, Risk Management, Private Banking, Asset Management, Project Finance, Private Equity/Venture Capital.

Skills required for MBA in Finance: The aspirant with the following skillset can outshine the rest

Analytical Thinking: An integral skill that is required for understanding, analyzing a situation to draw an appropriate course of action.

Accounting Skills: An indispensable skill needed to track, record, and manage financial transactions efficiently and effectively.

Business Intelligence: Finance professionals must have the know-how to make smart and better-informed decisions by predicting future inventory, sales, and related information.

Financial Modeling: The aspirant must be adept at financial modeling, a process that helps in the representation of a real financial situation through abstract methods.

Top MBA in Finance recruiters include Goldman Sachs, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Co., JP Morgan Chase & Co, KPMG, Morgan Stanley, State Bank of India, Yes Bank, Reliance.

 MBA in Finance thus happens to administer the lifeblood of business enterprise whether big, small or medium, and contribute to the economy holistically.

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