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Career Options You Should Explore During the Coronavirus Pandemic

There are confident career choices with high demands when the world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic-induced slowdown, amid reports of education and institutions shutting down. And the good news is that you can learn most of these courses online.

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, is a gateway to jobs and knowing about the career courses by learning about trends of the employment sector. These six career options are recognized as having the highest number of demands and have great opportunities for students to discover in their career journey.

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  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing acts as a lifeline for organizations to decrease marketing spending, follow their consumers online, and drive more significant ROI from their implemented strategies. In turn, this will result in huge demand for content and SEO experts, digital brand managers, and email marketing specialists. Moreover, it can be done in any field.

The pandemic has shown to the world that all other industries may come to a standstill but digital media marketing and social media content creation would continue non-stop. Exploring careers in this field is the wisest thing to do. If you are a creative mind and fond of writing, you may try your hands in content creation. There are many freelance assignments available on LinkedIn, UpWork, Fiverr where you can find freelance content writing assignments. Similarly, if you are strong in ideation or strategy making, there are plenty of opportunities to explore. Young people are preferred by Lifestyle brands, food and hospitality industry and fashion brands to manage their Instagram organically. So knowledge of social media skills and digital media tools can help you build a successful career in Digital Marketing. However, it is recommended that you do some course or training in this field if you wish to grow.

  • Cybersecurity Professionals

As many sectors continue their struggle to cling to life, the cybersecurity field is booming, with more than 5% proper job growth in the past year. And it is the favorable rate in situations like these. With firms shifting to remote working, securing confidential data, employee operations, and networks have become essential against the many security threats.

Sectors such as education, financial situations, retail, and even government enterprises are dependent on cybersecurity jobs to secure their enormous data and online payments. Thus, it is a rise in job opportunities for cybersecurity professionals.

Cybersecurity professionals are needed not just by high stake organizations but also by those which have a lot of public dealings. Now days, even schools and colleges are hiring cybersecurity professionals to manage and keep their data secure. The good thing about taking up this profession is that you can work freelance. You don’t need to fit in the 9 to 5 mould to earn money offering cybersecurity services.

  • Online Teaching

Online teaching seems to have grown the most in coronavirus times. With every educational institution closed down, students need teachers to help them with their studies. In such uncertainty, online teaching has become the only option, and because of nationwide lockdown, there is a massive demand for online teachers. Though lockdown is no more applicable, schools and colleges are still running online classes.

The field of online teaching offers immense opportunities to young brilliant minds. First of all, if you are good at teaching tough subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Accountancy etc., there will be no dearth of students as most of the students of class X to XII choose to take tuitions of these subjects. Secondly, with so many online tools and platforms available, you don’t need to worry about space or seating arrangement as well like in case of traditional coaching classes. Online tuitions or online coaching classes give a lot of freedom to tutors as well. You can teach a batch of 8-20 students easily depending upon how good you are in your subject and how effective are your communication skills.

Thus, one with a teaching passion can make a lucrative career choice in it.

  • Make-up Artist or Beauty Influencers

The pandemic has made influencers play a crucial role in the flourishing fashion and beauty industry. Many people have begun neglecting the salons due to the pandemic rise, and that has given rise to the careers of beauty bloggers and influencers. Their beauty tricks and tips are helpful for many individuals and brands as they collaborate with such influencers to get the massive outreach.

So if you are a makeup artist or a beauty influencer; you can spread your business online through YouTube Videos or How to do Tutorials. Using Instagram hashtags and Instagram trends can also help you in flourishing your business and reaching out to masses through digital media.

  • Foreign Language Learning

Yes, foreign languages, especially French

and Spanish, are high in demand. Anyone with this skill can place themselves at international organizations. There are abundant options available to learn languages, whether at an institution or online. However, the digital world is fruitful nowadays, where studying online is valuable in large numbers.

Students who have completed their schooling or having summer vacations can learn different languages.

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  • Freelancing

It opens up a door to various opportunities along with boosting skills. Freelancing can be fashion writing, content writing, graphic designing, public relations, programmer, marketing, or translator. These fields need particular skills, but they are not that much hard to develop.

If the future seems uncertain to you, it is wise to pursue a diverse portfolio of options rather than sticking single-mindedly to one. Even in better times, career change never comes out with such fruitful options. It is a chaotic journey of exploration, and to do it right, you should know about a range of possible opportunities.

Along with the skyrocketing unemployment rate, the comforting jobs are on the rise. All thanks to digitalization!



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