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Creating Value with a Civil Engineering degree

If you have a technical bent of mind and wish to invest your knowledge and analytical skills to innovate and work for the betterment of the society and the environment, Civil Engineering is the right branch for you. It is that branch of engineering where you get the chance to work on projects like constructing eco-friendly structures, designing rain water harvesting, analysis of regional water quality, waste water treatment and its remediation, management of water bodies, traffic volume count and analysis of traffic census data for prediction of pollution levels, making eco-friendly paver blocks from various waste materials for better waste management and road construction, environmental Impact Assessment for Railway bridges,Dams and many more developmental projects that will not only use your potential to think of eco-friendly solutions but also make the world a better place.

We all are aware about Civil Engineering, a stream meant to prepare students with strong fundamental knowledge & its application skills, sufficient exposure to advanced techniques and keenness to learn, adopt, and be a part of technological advances for constructive contribution towards nation’s growth. B. Tech in Civil Engineering helps students to explore their talent working as quality control surveyor, Site engineer, Construction manager, Structural engineer, Public health engineer, Civil contractor, Design engineer,  Building services engineer, Quantity surveyor and as an Urban designer & planner. To strengthen one’s career in this field,all the more, the students can also opt for M.Tech which is designed to have specialization options in Construction Management, Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Transportation Engineering. M.Tech. in Civil Engineering course will enable candidates to show up their spirit and skills of creativity and critical thinking. To do this course,candidates should have strong analytical skills, creativity skills, ability to evaluate projects, and innovative mind set up to solve the problems with the unique solutions. Civil Engineers basically work on designing, development, maintenance, constructions, and handling projects including roads, buildings, canals, bridges, dams etc.

The maximum benefits of doing a degree in Civil Engineering accrue to those students who take part in project work while studying. Like the students of B.Tech in Civil Engineering at MMDU did a project and study on how to reduce the pollutants from the effluent. In order to assess the removal efficiency of photocatalytic reactor, wastewater samples from pulp and paper mill were collected from Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh), India. Various analyzed parameters were pH, BOD, COD and colour. With varying parameters like pH, irradiation time, catalyst dose and UV light intensity the degradation process was studied.These kind of projects give students an idea about real challenges and also give them an opportunity to put their potential to the best use. MMDU students also took part in a project about Vehicular Pollution, Load Estimation and Dispersion Modeling along an Urban Highway Corridor. The study focused on the vehicular air dispersion modelling and load estimation along (Indira Chowk to Rampur) the state highway corridor of SH-5 at Ambala Cantonment. Well referred statistical descriptors have been used for model’s performance evaluation.The Department of Civil Engineering of MMDU has made remarkable growth in the field of flow visualization through innovative application of various techniques using indigenously developed and fabricated facilities and hence did a project in this field as well. The students were a part of project related to Improvisation of Concrete using Waste materials and also on Development of Eco-friendly concrete paver blocks.

Along with the privilege of working on LIVE projects, students of MMDU Engineering department also get the guidance from qualified and dedicated faculty amid excellent infrastructures and advanced laboratories. MMDU also keeps organizing regular conference and workshops that help the students to get in touch with industry.

A number of students of the Civil Engineering Department, MMDU have been placed in top companies and organizations like L&T, DLF, Concor, Indian Navy, Indian Army, RRB, Soma Isolux, Ansal API, NCCBM, BASF and ME (Municipal Engg).

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