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Four Behavioural Traits of People Happy At Work

MMDU prides itself as one of the most vibrant and dynamic community, both at student and faculty level. People often wonder what makes MMDU such a place of joy and innovation at the same time. When we hire people at any level apart from technical skills, MMDU puts lots of emphasis on understanding behavioural side of the person. Even programs like MBA and have a lot of focus on behavioural aspects of professional life.

Four Behavioural Traits of People Happy At Work

Feeling contented and satisfied at the workplace isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, it is an important aspect of our personal as well as social life. A conscious training on behaviour management allows alumni of MMDU to have a happy professional career.


You might get your “dream job” early, but it isn’t necessary that everyone feel good about it. For some, it can be their ultimate happiness, while for some it can turn out to be a nightmare. We work really hard to get ahead in our profession, but not each one of us really enjoys at the workplace. As such, one should learn to feel happy at work no matter what circumstances or complexities you face there.

Here are some traits that can make you feel good about your career and workplace.

1. Determine the source of your happiness – “You yourself are responsible for your happiness”. This is true even when you’re at work. Try to determine what makes you happy at your workplace. Follow the “pleasure-purpose principle”, which means that happiness includes both pleasure and purpose, and not just confined to feeling positive. List out all the things in your work routine that give you real pleasure. It can be anything – doing difficult tasks, generating innovative ideas or getting involved in discussions with colleagues. You are unique; what makes you happy will also be unique. Hence, consider activities that give you the utmost feeling of engaging in something significant.

2. Look for opportunities that seem purposeful to you – Come on, we cannot choose to work on all the projects together. However, we can be clear about our interests to our seniors or leaders. Even if those opportunities don’t come up to you naturally, think of alternatives that would still hold your interest adding value to your work, responsibilities and give you a greater sense of purpose personally. While it might not be 100% of your day, any involvements in activities that you feel has a purpose are likely to enhance your overall happiness at the workplace.

3. Develop happiness into your work routine proactively – Happiness doesn’t just happen, one needs to evaluate what makes them happy and also learn to intentionally build those things into our routine. Though it’s not easy, particularly when we’re rushing around, small changes can bring big differences. Think of small things that we often overlook like listening to a particular track, eating your favorite food, etc. All these things bring a sense of well-being to you. The idea here is to incorporate such things into your work routine to create a workspace that makes you happy. These minor changes when purposefully and proactively built into your day can have a significant impact on your sense of happiness at work.

4. Determine your Energy Boosters at Work – There’s a unique source of energy for each one us. Analyze and note down things that energize you including those that refrain your energy. Every job has aspects that we dislike. Therefore, know what activities energize you personally and which don’t. Structure your day as much as possible so that the energizing activities are spread throughout your week. You’ll see significant changes in your energy level and workplace happiness.

Workplace happiness is a necessity for employees as well as overall organizational growth. Hence, be proactive about being happy at work.

Author : Vishal Sood,
Executive Director,



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