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Global Students discover their innate potential at MMDU

I am Alina Prasai from Nepal, currently, pursuing my BCA from MM Institute of Computer Technology & Business Management. Four words that define my personality are “ambivert” “ambitious” “congenial” “empathetic”.

I was only seeking a university that not only provides academic knowledge but also an emphasis on the overall development of student and at MMDU, I found exactly what I expected. After theoretical knowledge, it gave me practical knowledge as well which has helped me a lot in my professional degree. I was also a part of the Literary Club and that helped me a lot to build up my confidence and improve my communication skills.

Today, it is important for me to share how the teachers and administrative staff at MMDU have helped us all because they are very cooperative and have developed a congenial environment which has helped us a lot to share our ideas, vision, etc. They proved to be the most reliable support system.

Talking about MMDU’s infrastructure, the different institutions and hostels are fully equipped with amenities and infrastructure. Our classroom is fully equipped with AC and there is a provision of free wifi. I have learned equality, congeniality through this diversified environment in MMDU and there is a lot more to learn. This university has proved to give equal status to the students belonging to different backgrounds that has molded me into a personality that respect and appreciates unity in diversity.

My time in MMDU has been full of achievements. I have won “Miss Fresher of MMICTBM”; “Miss Infusion 2019” from IIM Rohtak; “Miss Charming Vibgyor 2019” from Baba Farid group of Institution, Bathinda. “Miss Espsilon 2019″ at “Panjab University, Chandigarh; Mega Model Hunt 2019 “First Runner Up”, won first prize in a group dance, won in group Mime acting , the third position in Muscle Mania, third position in role playing and a few more. Talking about the facility, this university gave a platform to people like me to showcase our potentials.

As I trace my career and growth arc, I feel all these achievements have been possible because the MMDU faculty extended their full support to students like me. The credit for achiever stories stemming from MMDU goes to the wonderful positive environment it has. While I have won many awards as a student, I really feel proud of winning Miss Epsilon 2019 from Panjab University, Chandigarh despite being nervous in competing with highly talented students out there I believed in myself and gave my best to win the title. Again, the credit for nurturing my dreams and confidence goes to MMDU and its world-class faculty who listens to the students’ and understand their aspirations and potential.

The institute has changed me from an “introvert” to ambivert personality. Lastly, I would want to say to all the aspiring students out there to come and show your skills because MMDU is waiting to acuminate your talent. It is indeed a vibrant place to learn and make your life’s dreams come true.




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