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How MM(DU) helped me scale heights

Schools and Universities play an important role in how we succeed in our careers at universities. Not only does it grant you knowledge, but also prepare you to survive the cutthroat competition. That is why every student needs to complete his or her higher education in prestigious Universities. It will not just help in skill enhancement but will also enable them to make more money, and achieve difficult career goals.

It has also been seen that those who complete University education earn more than diploma holders do. If you are not yet convinced about the significance of University education, scroll down to read my experience at MM(DU) – the best private university of north India. MM(DU) made me career conscious and helped me scale heights in life as well as at work.

MM(DU) focuses on imparting factual and practical knowledge

You gain knowledge and develop skills that are crucial for your future workplace. Along with gaining factual knowledge, you also gain practical experience from some of the best scholars from around the world. For instance, if you have joined a management program you will learn to be a good leader as well. I did the same during my MBA program at MM Institute of Management at MM(DU). Being at MM(DU) certainly gave me many more opportunities to indulge in workshops and practical work exercises and all these added to my confidence.

University education enhances your soft skill

When you join a University, you are bombarded with presentation tasks. Believe me, there is no better way to improve your soft skills than giving a presentation. For those who are not aware, let us tell you that soft skills have many aspects like critical thinking, problem solving, and communication. All these skills play an important role in making your career successful. So, whenever we were awarded the presentation, all of use made sure to ace it and that’s what really helped us grow personally and intellectually. Plus, MM(DU) also has special classes and training programs for students who wish to work on their soft skills. I also joined one and feel so grateful for that decision.

University education improves your work ethics

Completing higher education is not going to be a piece of cake. It takes hard work and determination in getting a university degree. In doing so you develop a great work ethic, which is important for any workspace. In the long-run, it also keeps you on your toes to chase work goals.

Being at MM(DU) and taking part in extra-curricular activities boosted my confidence

To realize that you have accomplished a big milestone in your life is just amazing and there is no better feeling than getting a University degree. It creates a sense of confidence, and there is a strong relationship between workplace success and confidence. Being high on confidence means you are going to ace everything in your career. I took active part in my events and competitions that were happening at MM(DU) and that’s what makes Study in India such a hot trend for the international students as well.

I would end this with just one major tip for all college/university students – If you want to excel at your career, try to make the most out of your university life.



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