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How to Decide the right Management College after graduation?

Because of its high employability quotient, almost every business organisation or a service group is choosing an MBA to manage and streamline their operations efficiently and effectively. Choosing your degree course is important but more important is choosing the right academic institution. The choice of Management College or Business School matters a lot! No wonder, every second graduate of India is keen to do MBA from a reputed Business school of India. Also, the fees you will be paying for your MBA for next two years will not be a small amount. So while you are deciding which Management College you should choose, make sure to consider following parameters –

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Look at the academics as well as extracurricular -Academic value of an MBA course is determined by the industry interactions students get to do during the course and practical activities. These days, every Management College is boasting of well-equipped libraries, brilliant research opportunities world-class faculty and scholarship options but make sure to read and research more on the Industry-Academia workshops and symposiums held in these B-schools. Such practical pedagogy will help you understand the different needs and challenges from job perspective.

Accreditation and Recognition – Choose a Business School on the basis of its Accreditation and recognition. Like IIMs are globally recognized and that’s what makes them the first choice of every student who aspires to do MBA. Yes, it is very tough to crack CAT and reserve your position in IIMs. So you should explore the top 10 or top 20 B-Schools and Management Colleges of India while deciding your MBA program. You must read about the college rankings as well before taking the final decision. It is worth mentioning that M. M Institute of Management, Mullana has been ranked 2nd in Outstanding B-School of Excellence 2021 by Competition Success Review.

Specialization offered –Doing an MBA in marketing or human resource or finance would not add significantly to your employability quotient because almost every student is opting for these specialisations. Make sure to explore Management Colleges that offer specialization in International Business, Retail Management, Information Technology, Hospital Management, and Hospitality Management, etc.

Faculty Profile And Infrastructure – Choosing a progressive Management College would give you the benefit of taking part in numerous industry talks organized every year and thus you will gain an exposure into the real world of business and management owing to the state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-end facilities of the college. Most of the top MBA colleges of India encourage activities to inculcate management and leadership skills and also organize regular visits from foreign faculty members from reputed universities ensure intensive classroom sessions forstudents. Some universities and colleges also have international Student Exchange and summer internship programs for MBA students like MMIM.

Placement and Alumni– Another important aspect to explore! Research deeply into the placement activities of top business schools or the list of Management Colleges you have made. Visit their LinkedIn pages and check their alumni records. It is important to know the success stories of students of previous batches. Strongly successful alumni would help you reap the gains of networking.

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Eligibility and Entrance test – Choosing IIM or Harvard for your MBA is inspirational but make sure you are ready with Plan B if you fail to crack GMAT or CAT examinations. These entrance tests are highly complicated and if you are not confident enough, you may not get admission in top business schools of India and the world. For an average student; clearing the CAT exam is a nightmare and that’s why you should choose a Management College that follows an easy eligibility and admission norm.

Our final suggestion is that rather than taking a decision under peer pressure; consider the wisdom offered by top academicians in this article and choose the B-School wisely.



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