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How to score full marks in Accountancy Class XII exam

Accountancy is one of the main subjects for commerce students. The good thing is that Accountancy is a highly scoring subject so if you’re aware about the concept of accounts, you can score full marks. But the challenge lies in managing your time smartly because the accountancy question paper is generally lengthy and involves making accounts as per prescribed formats. Still students can easily score full marks in class 12th accounts subject. We are sharing some tips for the same –

  1. Partnership is one of the Most scoring unit in accounts so when you’re practicing partnership, make sure that you practice all the sample papers and assignments and last year examinations solving all the tricky questions related to admission, retirement and death of a partner because these three chapters can confuse the students maximum. This unit carries 30 marks.
  2. It is advised that you should begin your paper from B Part – Financial Statement Analysis – which carries 20 marks and can be easily finished in half an hour. You should begin your paper with fresh mind from Cash Flow Statement question and if you’re able to solve it, consider your 20 marks secured in the Part B of Class XII Accountancy exam 2020 because only the cash flow statement question is tough and all other questions are always considered as easy by the students.
  3. Company accounts is the second most important unit from Part A of Class XII Accountancy exam and that’s why you should keep at least 20 minutes dedicated to solve the question of shares and debentures.
  4. Most of the times, students fumble in theoretical questions of accounts. Students must keep in mind that the theoretical questions in CBSE exams are also based on practical aspect so we advise the students that they should read all the chapters once thoroughly and extensively in their examination holidays because sometimes a one-mark question can be tricky but if you have read the basics of all the chapters, you would be able to solve these tricky questions as well.
  5. Good command in calculations and arithmetic skills is what helps the students score 100 marks in Accountancy so practice all the calculations without using any calculator during your prep holidays.
  6. Do not write extra; write to the point in theory questions of accounts.
  7. And lastly, do the ledger work neatly and avoid cutting while making ledger and balance sheets.


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