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How to get Full Marks in Math in CBSE Examination

Math is not a tough subject so it would remain one of the biggest mysteries why are students so much afraid of mathematics and end up scoring less than their potential in this subject. Rather, Math is one of the easiest subjects to comprehend and score marks because one doesn’t need to learn any dates like we do in history or the laws or acts or anything that the mind can forget after some time.

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During exam tips –

  1. Start with 4 and 6 marks question first; 4 questions of 6 marks and 6 questions of 4 marks, total 10 questions will give you a chance to score 48 marks. Aim to finish them in 80 to 90 minutes.
  2. If you complete Long questions first, you will not have any pressure when you are left with less time. You can easily solve 1 or 2 marks questions even in less time.
  3. Pay special attention to questions of Calculus. This unit can fetch you full 35 marks if you attempt it with diligence.
  4. Vectors and 3-D Geometry is the second most scoring unit; practice both these units a lot so that you are able to score full in these two units
  5. Strategize to finish the paper half an hour before the final time. Keep minimum 20 minutes to revise the paper so that you can spot any mistake.
  6. Do not waste time solving a question if you get stuck in between. Return to that question in the last half hour with fresh mind.
  7. Practice to solve the last year’s papers in 2.5 hours time.
  8. Make sure to draw your graph as cleanly and clearly as possible.
  9. Do not PANIC. Most of the students end up making mistakes even in the questions they have practiced earlier. So attempt the paper with a calm mind.
  10. Read every question twice.

Mathematics is all about understanding and there is no rote learning. If students understand the concept and fundamental principles, they will be able to solve any type of questions which may come even out of their recommended text book by the CBSE. So if you are clear about your concepts, scoring marks in math is a cake walk.

Most of the students who have taken non-medical and aspire to get admission into IIT or in one of the top engineering colleges of India often worry about how to get full marks in Math in CBSE examination. We are sharing with you three practical and sure-shot tips that will help you score full marks –

Ask questions

The best way to understand mathematics is to ask questions like why is this theorem applied in this situation; what is the difference between rectangle and a rhombus; how is the probability of two dice thrown simultaneously and two dice thrown one after another different from each other. You should ask any number of relevant or irrelevant questions to your Math teacher. Getting answers to such questions will help you gain understanding about the concepts of mathematics and somebody who has fundamental understanding of mathematics principal is bound to score high marks in CBSE exams.

Practice, practice and practice

The more practice you do, the more you are aware about the kind of problems that come in CBSE Math examination. It is recommended that students should solve 10-year papers of class 10th and class when appearing for CBSE exam. Doing more practice from Model Test papers or high-level Mathematics books would increase your confidence and also give you exposure to the kind of problems that come in exam.

Attempt your question paper with confidence and clarity

Most of the time students make mistakes when they fail to understand the question properly. To understand the question, read it once or twice and pay attention to the information and facts given in the question. While attempting the paper, focus on solving problems in a stepwise method and make sure to begin your Math CBSE paper from the section which you are fully confident of. The key to scoring good marks in Math lies in giving your best attempt during the exam time.

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