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How to score full marks in CBSE Economics XII Exam

If you think Class XII Commerce students worry only about their marks in Accounts, you cannot be more wrong! Economics is another subject which the students focus on and aim to score full marks. As such, class XII CBSE Economics is a very scoring subject for commerce as well as humanities students because if they end up scoring 100 marks in this, it will improve their percentage and aggregate considerably and increases their chances of getting selected in one of the top colleges or universities of India in BA (Hons.)/B.Com (Hons.).

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Scoring full marks in class XII economics is very easy; the student just needs to prepare systematically and pay more attention to basic concepts. Sharing some practical tips to score 100 marks in CBSE economics exam –

  1. Most of the students lose their marks while attempting numerical problems of National Income so make sure to practice these numericals extensively from 10-year papers and all the sample papers so that you do not make any silly mistakes during the exam. National Income unit has been the main cause of worry for many students of economics but if you understand the concepts, you can get full marks in this unit easily.
  2. Consumer equilibrium, demand and supply chapters are very scoring and easy to understand. So students are advised to give maximum time to prepare these chapters.
  3. The economics paper marking is done based on your presentation as well. The paper checker gets impressed with the clarity and quality of your Graphs. Since a lot of Graphs need to be made, a student must practice making all the graphs with pencil and should have clarity on how to label these graphs.
  4. Give a lot of examples especially in the macroeconomics part because they are related to the real-life economy.
  5. Highlight important points and enhance the quality of your answer by making diagrams or with a visual representation of important points.
  6. And lastly, make sure to manage your time strategically. You will be able to score full marks in economics if you succeed in attempting your paper 20 minutes before the final bell so that you get enough time to review the answers. It is better to start your paper with 6 marks and long answer questions as you can give them more time initially and tackle the 1-mark questions in the end.

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Wishing all the students preparing for the class XII economics exam, all the very best!




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