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How to score 100 marks in CBSE Class XII Biology exam

For those desiring to score full marks in Biology class XII CBSE exam, the most important thing to keep in mind is that 30 marks out of 100 depend on your practical exam. So if you have done your minor and major experiment perfectly and if you have done well in slide preparation, spotting, project record, practical record and viva voce; you will score 30 out of 30 in your practical exam and that becomes a strong footing to go on scoring full 70 out of 70 in theory exam of Biology class XII.

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In theory exam, every topper and even exam checkers recommend that students should prepare from the NCERT book. You must read every line of that book and understand the meaning, significance and implication of the topics covered in the book. Sharing useful tips that will help you do great in CBSE Class XII Biology exam –

  1. A lot depends on your diagrammatic presentation in the paper. You need not be an artist but make sure to draw neat to clear diagrams and mark them smartly. Diagrams from chapters like Menstrual Cycle, Evolution and Biotechnology and Molecular basis should be practiced thoroughly.
  2. Biology exam of 2020 is expected to have a few tricky questions just like Biology Class XII 2019 and 2018 paper. The students who scored full marks in Biology exam 2019 shared that they had understood the concepts given in NCERT in detail which helped them solve the complicated questions. It is also advised to address such questions at the very end of the exam. Start your paper with questions you feel confident about.
  3. Make sure to learn the scientific names, names of the scientists and the results of their experiments carefully and diligently. Practice by writing these names before the exam so that you don’t forget or get confused in the paper.
  4. Write more examples and draw more flowcharts when the question asks for a detailed answer. This would not only save your time but also fetch you extra marks for giving a conceptual answer.
  5. And lastly, there is no short cut to success. You must practice sample papers and 10-year Question papers released by CBSE if you wish to score full marks in Biology Class XII exam 2020.


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