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Importance of Education and Training to Start Your Career

Do you know Jeff Bezos carved a lucrative career in computer science after completing his education? Later he entered the arena of e-commerce and launched Amazon at the age of 31. So are you keen to get campus placed? Do you wish to work in one of the top corporate groups of India and the world? If you dream of building and nurturing a successful career, it is important to enhance your education and get training. These are pivotal to ensure that you can effectively perform your job duties. Pursuing educational training definitely helps you to move forward in your professional life.

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Corporate companies prefer to employ people who are educated and well informed. They even provide on-the-job training sessions to ensure that their employees remain up-to-date. This bolsters their range of credentials, and career opportunities making them more competitive in the overall job market. Michael Bloomberg started his career in Bloomberg on acquiring education training and became a CEO. Education and training is an influential step to enhance your skills, get a lucrative job opportunity, and stay competitive.  

The Benefits of education and training for boosting your career opportunity include –  

 Increased job opportunities

Students who apply for a job after a good professional degree and some training experience have better chances of growing their career and climbing the ladder of success. Education ensures that you get a kickstart in your career and training exposes to industry-like situations.

Reduced risk of unemployment

People who are under-educated or are not trained adequately are more likely to face the rigors of unemployment. This increased risk of unemployment stems, from the fact that the individuals are not qualified and educated as compared to their educated counterparts.

Better earning potential

Education and training not only adds weight to your CV but also enhances your earning potential and pay scales. Reports indicate that individuals with just a high school diploma earned less than those who hold graduate degrees. There is a direct correlation between advanced education and the money you earn.

 Better professional development

Leading companies opt to train their employees in an attempt to enhance productivity. Thus, if an employee is educated and well trained, he can boost productivity. As a result, professional development will take place accompanied by enhancing earning opportunities.

Enhances soft skills

Education and training hone important “soft skills” including abilities in areas such as communication, critical thinking, teamwork, decision making, and problem-solving. These acquired capabilities and talents can add value to your resume thus opening fresh career opportunities. Such skills can give you the much-needed experience to be prepared and equipped to take the next step towards achieving your career goals.

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That’s why experts advise you to choose your higher education institute smartly. For example if you are opting to do a professional degree like Hotel Management, BCA or MBA; you should choose a globally recognized Institute that arranges internship and training for its students. Like MM(DU) where students of nearly all courses get to do training in related fields and companies.

Education and training boost your inner confidence and this, in turn, helps you to accomplish your career objectives. You gain knowledge, skills, and experience to help you grow in your career. Studies reveal that greater confidence leads to better career advancement.



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