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Is coaching necessary to get good marks?

No, coaching is not necessary to get good marks. We need to understand that coaching is an add-on; it is not a necessity especially if the students pay attention to what their class teacher is explaining and what kind of practice papers are being done in the class. Most of the students are under the impression that they will be able to top CBSE exams or be the college topper if they take coaching from a reputed institute. Let us examine the pros and cons of coaching.

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The benefits of taking coaching are –

  1. Individual attention– Students get individual attention from the tutors in the coaching institute which sometimes is missing in a traditional classroom. But seeing the trend, even the group classes taken by leading chemistry, physics, or mathematics coaching institutes have students ranging from 50-100 so the inherent advantage of individual attention is also missing in coaching classes as well.
  2. Additional practice – The second benefit is time and practice. A student gets to do a lot of practice of problems, questions and concepts in these coaching classes. This helps him or her to get good marks. These coaching classes are held on alternate days or five days a week that means the student gets not less than five hours every week to pay attention to the subject. These weekly five hours of practice adds on to the performance of the student in final examinations.
  3. Regularity – This is the biggest benefit of joining a group class or coaching institute. You become regular in your study. When it comes to self-study, students may ignore a particular subject but coaching classes ensure that you are doing the subject practice every day or every alternate day.
  4. Regular tests and assignments – Coaching institutes give assignments and practice papers to the students on a regular basis. This gives them a chance to assess their performance and work on the areas where the student is lagging behind. Weekly tests are being held at all the coaching institutes of India.

However, there are certain negative points of joining a coaching institute –

  1. Wastage of time – If a student is passionate about a subject, he or she can learn it during the classroom teaching also. Going to coaching classes is just a wastage of time including the travel time and the time students waste by interacting with other students before or after the classes.
  2. Coaching classes are costly – If you join a top Institute for Math or physics or chemistry or accountancy, you might have to pay anything between INR 50,000 to 1,00,000 per annum. This is an additional burden on parents and is totally avoidable. Moreover, all the sample papers and test papers are available online also.
  3. Self-study – Self-study and self-practice is the key to success. No coaching institute can help you solve the paper with perfection; it is your own practice, commitment, and self-study that becomes the foundation of your success. In fact, coaching institutes just take the credit for a student’s hard work.

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We have shared the expert opinion and views on both the perspectives. Now the decision is yours – whether you want to depend upon coaching classes or you want to score marks by self-study.



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