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Your success depends on your mind

A successful young person is not born overnight; he or she evolves when his/her parents help him/her grow up with a healthy mind, body, and soul. Yes, childhood is the foundation of your successful years in youth. That’s why parents are termed as your first mentors. It is parents who identify the physical as well as the mental and emotional needs of a kid and nurture them. A child’s success comes with a healthy mind and healthy development of the mind is possible with positive parenting.

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Sharing with all the five basic positive parenting traits that help in the emotional and mental development of a child –

  1. Be supportive – A child needs a positive and encouraging environment that adds on to his/her self-esteem and confidence. Children are able to express themselves in society and are willing to accept their mistakes and move on when they are given a positive environment at home. A critical environment or nagging or negative parenting would discourage the child from trying out new things. They may lack in innovative spirit when they grow up.
  2. Give your children playful time – It is the parents’ prime responsibility to ensure that a child indulges in indoor games or outdoor games during his/her growing up years. Indoor games don’t include playing on the mobile phone; every child should be given puzzles, creative games or board games. These games help not only in the development of motor skills but also in creative and analytical skill development.
  3. Support in extracurricular activities – Academics should not be the only focus of childhood. Children should be encouraged to take part in extracurricular and cultural activities like dramas, debates, quiz competitions, singing, dancing, etc. because all these add to the emotional intelligence of the child. A parent should identify the talent and interest of the child and support him or her to take it up in the free time. Some children are very good at sketching or painting or skating or guitar playing; parents should encourage such talent by enrolling them in extra classes.
  4. A balance between freedom and discipline – Parenting is all about balancing freedom and discipline. Children should be given ample freedom to do things as they want to and express what they want to say but on the other hand, they should also realize that life is to be lived with discipline. Parents should teach the value of time to their children. This is the biggest and most important habit which parents must try to inculcate in their children if they want them to prepare for success in the future.
  5. Clear communication – Children should not feel scared to express themselves in front of their parents. The mental growth of the child is hampered when he or she lives with fear or feels shy to express openly.


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