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Which stream to choose after class 10th?

Your actual education begins after class 10 when you choose the stream you want to pursue higher education. A wrong decision at this time would discourage you and leave you with lifelong regret. However, the right decision would not only bring bright success but also make you enjoy your college years as well.

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Students of class 10th have till now studied common subjects of Social Science consisting of History, Civics, Geography, and Economics; General Science consisting of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology; Mathematics; English and one more regional language. So the students have a fair idea of all the four streams. The four streams that are available to students of North India are –

  • Medical – which primarily includes Physics, Chemistry, and Biology; short-formed as PCB
  • Non-Medical – which includes Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics; known as PCM.
  • The third popular stream is Commerce – It includes three main subjects of Accountancy, Economics and Business Studies. The students of commerce have a choice to take Mathematics or do their eleventh and twelfth without Math. They can take any subject like Physical Education, Computer Science, etc. if they do not enjoy doing Math. The experts recommend taking Math in Commerce especially if you’re good at Mathematics because it will help you in clearing BBA or MBA entrance exams later on. Also, in case you wish to do B.Com (Hons.) from Delhi University; you will be considered only if you have taken Math as a main or additional subject in class twelve.
  • The fourth stream available to the students of class 10th is Humanities or Arts – In this, students can take any subject that has interested them till now like English as major or History or Economics or Sociology or Psychology or even Physical Science as their major. Humanities stream has the maximum options to pursue in career.

Sharing some guidelines and criteria on which you can decide which stream you should go ahead with –

  1. If you dream of becoming a doctor or feel interested in human anatomy or the medical aspect of life, you should pursue the medical stream and prepare for the MBBS entrance examination. You can find good career options in pharmacy, nursing, physiotherapy, etc. as well after doing class XII with medical subjects.
  2. If you possess an analytical mind and take interest in the technical aspect of life, you should choose non-medical and prepare to clear JEE with an aim to do B. Tech from any leading engineering College of India like MM Engineering College, which is Haryana’s best Engineering College offering campus placement for students.
  3. If you’re good in revenue and business aspect of life and plan to be an entrepreneur, you should choose Commerce stream. Commerce has many options to pursue like CA, B. Com, BBA, ICWA, Company Secretary, etc. which are a few choices that you can go ahead with after doing your class 12th.
  4. If you want to become an IAS officer or you want to go into administrative services or you wish to do an office job, you should pursue humanities taking History, Political Science, Economics, or Sociology as your main subject.
  5. If you want to be a teacher in any language like English, Hindi or Punjabi; then you should also take Humanities taking that language as your main subject. You can do a BA (Hons) and MA (Hons) in that language and take the UGC NET exam. Clearing the NET exam will make you eligible to become a teacher in a higher education instituition.


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