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The Critical Role of Literacy in Early Childhood Learning

The very first teachers for a child are like the parents. The responsibility of exposing the child to early literacy falls on shoulders of parents. Early literacy skills include knowledge about numbers, words, print awareness, understanding phonetics and simple writing skills. Early Literacy skills help the children become readers and writers and give them the confidence to express themselves comfortably.

Children who develop literacy skills at an early stage have an advantage all through the school years and excel in every field they walk in. Putting the children into the habit of reading will certainly help them to do extremely well later on in life.

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This article is very useful for parents who believe in the value of education. Parents, rather than exposing their young ones to Smartphone or gadgets, should introduce literacy skills and encourage their child towards reading and solving puzzles.

Early Literacy Skills that the children should be introduced to-

  • Children should be introduced to the names of various objects.
  • They should be made to read the kind of books or stories they like; cartoons, fiction, fairy tales or mystery books. A dedicated time should be kept for book reading.
  • Help the child to observe letters and words. They should be made aware of how to handle a book and how to read it aloud.
  • They should be taught how to portray things, events and narrate a story.
  • Children should also be taught that different letters have dissimilar sound and are different from each other.

Role of Literacy in Early Childhood Learning

  • Children who are exposed to early literacy and reading at early stages outshine in school as compared to the children who are not exposed to any kind of learning like rhymes, singing and reading at a very young age.
  • Once literacy skills are developed early in life it becomes easy for them to read. All the children with these skills have an advantage over other children and they outshine them.
  • Early childhood skills decide the development of a child in the future.
  • The more activities that children involve themselves at an earlier stage, the more groomed they are.
  • The students who excel in college or university years are the ones who have been given ample attention from their parents during growing up years.

So, for this reason, with small and simple activities like solving puzzles with your child, talking to them about current affairs in the world, they will understand the significance of active learning. These activities create stronger brain connections. Studies have shown that these habits help the children stay agile and responsive in the years to come.



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