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Top interview tips to help you impress

A job interview is one of the most significant phases of a young person’s life. Its success defines the success of your career and scripts how you are going to fare in your life ahead. A failure in the first job interview can give you a serious depression and that’s why we recommend that you give your best shot in the very first interview. Do not take the first interview of your life non-seriously; prepare your maximum and put your best foot forward when going for your first job interview.

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This preparation becomes important, especially because nowadays most of the top universities of India organize campus placement drives. This means that you will be giving your first job interview while you are in college or university or even less than 21 years old. India’s top universities like MMDU Mullana have a high success rate of their campus placement drives so if you also want to get handpicked in your university campus placement, follow these top interview tips that will help you to impress the interviewers –

  1. Be aware of the current scenario or events related to your subject or field – Make sure you know all that is happening in the current scenario in your field. If you are going for an interview in digital media, you should be aware of the latest Google updates and digital media innovations.
  2. Read the job description thoroughly – Most of the questions asked in the job interview are about your job and scope of work. You can answer them very well if you have read the job description and key performance indicators in detail.
  3. Research about the company – A job interview is not just about you; it is also about the organization you are about to join. You must spend some time to read and collect all the relevant information and the latest news or facts about the company you are appearing for an interview.
  4. Dress up smartly – Wear the right clothes that give a formal appeal to your personality; dressing up in jeans or T-shirt is a big no-no! Girls can choose to dress up in trouser-shirt or corporate skirt and shirt attire or Saree or Kurta with a formal look. Boys should dress up in trouser-shirt and a blazer if the season permits.
  5. Make eye contact while answering the questions of the interviewers – Even if you feel nervous, eye contact is a must while answering the questions with confidence and a pleasing smile. That’s why rehearsing in front of the mirror is important.
  6. Tips for Phone or Video Interview – In case you are giving a phone interview or a video interview, we recommend that you dress up properly and put your laptop in a professional setting that conveys your seriousness about the interview.
  7. Communication skills are very important – Last but not least, show your command in English and communication skills. Address the interviewers in a polite manner and talk only when asked. Too much talking can put off the interviewers.

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