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How can I start a career in the hotel industry?

A career in the hotel industry is very lucrative and fulfilling. If you have the interest to be a part of the glamourous life of the hotel industry; and if you have the right degree as well as excellent communication skills; you can carve a niche in the hotel industry. The hotel industry offers highly interactive and customer-focused jobs. There is no dearth of jobs in the hotel industry ranging from front office managers to customer executives who assist the customers fulfill their leisure, business and a gamut of recreational and entertainment needs.

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 Working in the hotel industry exposes you continually to new experiences as you broaden your horizons while performing different roles. This also helps you to discover your aptitude, and pinpoint exactly what type of work you would enjoy. Hotel industry offers many flexible career opportunities which also include reception duties, managing the bar and ultimately you can work up the ladder to attain your choicest positions and designation. You can begin your career and after completing your formal education and work as a Hotel Manager or Restaurant Manager or Head of Housekeeping or Event Coordinator. It is best to enhance your general computer and office skills if you want to undertake administrative work in the hotel industry.

Make use of Apprenticeship Scheme:

Many reputed hotels also offer a variety of apprenticeship schemes. Enrolling in these schemes will enable you to have access to the right qualifications and at the same time gain precious practical experience. All five-star hotels have well-equipped spa centers and gym and thus offer immense opportunities for people with beauty, health or fitness qualifications.

You can start your career in the hospitality industry in three ways –

  1. Enroll for the top hotel management courses from India’s leading universities that offer courses in hotel management and hospitality. MMDU’s MMICT & BM (Hotel Management), one of the best Hotel Management Colleges in Haryana offers expert-level courses like B.Sc Hospitality & Hotel Administration, Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology and many other industry-specific diploma courses related to Hospitality Sector.
  2. Take up internship projects with leading hotels and hospitality groups of India while doing your graduation or post-graduation in hotel management.
  3. Secure yourself a good job during the campus placement drive organized by your university.

The hotel industry provides a superlative career track with plenty of opportunities for progress and financial gains as you reveal your dedication and commitment. Hotel work can be quite demanding, but it also involves a lot of fun as you charter an ideal career path. So, start focusing and networking as you ardently aim for an amazing career in the hotel industry.



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