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Techniques for Improving Study Skills for Students

Is studying art or science? Or is it a skill? And why is it so important for students to improve study skill techniques?

Well, the answer to these questions lies in the fact that studying no more is about rote learning. It includes understanding the concept, going deep into the details of the topics, getting practical information about them, preparing for seminars workshops and also for the examination. Yes, 21st-century studying is a skill that you can master with practice and following some techniques. In this article, we are sharing some special tips and super study skills that help not only school students but college students as well. College students, especially, are now burdened with academic work along with preparation for presentations, assignments, LIVE projects, training sessions, and mid-semester tests as well. Take a look at Study Skill Improving Techniques for Students, compiled and created by academicians and education experts –

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  1. Make the best use of time – Students who study at the very end are never able to grasp the concepts and the subject. They might end up scoring average marks but their knowledge level remains far below average. So, start studying a subject from the very beginning of the semester.
  2. Set your goal – Make sure to give yourself the challenges in terms of marks and performance in every subject.
  3. Practice by writing – Even though college students don’t prefer making notes and choose to rely on online study material or text material shared by their seniors; we still recommend that you make your own notes. The more you write and practice, the more it helps you to understand the concepts. Always try to make notes of difficult subjects like corporate law, mercantile law, physics, chemistry, economics, etc.
  4. Identify your learning style – Every student has a different learning style. Some learn by speaking loudly, some learn in group discussion while some prefer to study alone. You must be aware of what helps you learn the best and then adopt that style for every subject.
  5. Chalk out a study plan – This is especially relevant near the exam time. You must have a study plan allocating your time for different topics.
  6. Be regular with your classes – Classroom teaching is still the best way of understanding a subject. YouTube learning or learning digitally can never substitute classroom teaching. Moreover, 75% attendance is compulsory in most of the colleges and universities. That’s why it is important that you attend classes and pay attention to what your teacher is discussing in the class. When you are a part of a world-class university like MMDU, you are privileged enough to be taught by the best faculty of India.
  7. Study with focus – There is no point keeping the book open while your attention is focused on your mobile phone. When you are studying; do away with gadgets and focus on your books, notebooks and the topic you are reading.

Keep working on your study skills to achieve the best results in your college or university phase.



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