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Important things that must be followed by College Student

College is meant for freedom; college life is the phase of fun! However, all fun and freedom comes with responsibilities. Similarly, there exist many things and protocols that even college students must do. So, if you’re going to begin your college very soon or have already started with college or university life, make sure that you are doing all these things and in the proper order to enjoy this phase of life.

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Some Dos for College Students

  1. 75% attendance is compulsory – In most of the colleges and universities, 75% attendance is mandatory which means bunking the classes is not a good idea. When you enroll for a study program with any top university say MMDU, Mullana or Delhi University, it is compulsory for you to attend classes and ensure 75% attendance on average.
  2. Do something extra – Join an extracurricular activity club and take part in all the workshops and seminars happening in your college. These workshops and seminars are always taken by industry heads or top faculty of the subject. You can learn much more in this one-hour session than reading a complete book. Enthusiastic students can also join social clubs like a dance club, theatre club or entrepreneurship club or technology club of your college. It would help you to sharpen your skills, if you have an interest in these areas. Join classes that help you master practical skills like communication skills, corporate etiquette, grooming skills, personality development programs, etc.
  3. Find your mentor – College or university professors are experts in their field. They have invested their years studying the subject and have extensive knowledge pertaining to that subject. Make sure to interact with these professors and spend some time with them apart from the regular classes. Find your mentor in these college professors who can guide you to recognize your potential and invest your passion in achieving desired results.
  4. Make use of part-time job opportunities – College is that phase of your life when you have ample time to do extra things. Use this time to do a part-time job as a tutor or join some firm related to your industry; like Mass communication students can start a blog or work as freelance reporters.

Some Don’ts for College Students

Also sharing a list of don’ts which are strictly prohibited things in all the higher education institutions of India –

    1. Do not indulge in any form of ragging or racial discrimination in college.
    2. Do not humiliate students from other states or coming from abroad.
    3. Do not spoil the college property or library books.
    4. Do not miss your classes and practical training sessions and LIVE projects otherwise you will end up being an average student with no practical exposure and dim chances of a successful career.


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