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What is the best way to take notes in College?

Who makes notes in college? Notes are to be made till school. Wrong!

All those students wish to get a good CGPA or aspire to be a topper of their class or in university or wish to do well in their career or actually enjoy the class taken by a particular faculty, make notes. Making notes is an art as well as a science. While we are living in the digital age when students try to find out all the answers to the questions and their doubts online, the toppers still feel that traditional methods help them do well in their examination. Traditional methods include making notes and revising in writing.

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So what is the best way to take notes in college?

  1. Attend your classes regularly – The easiest way of making notes in colleges is that you attend the classes taken by expert faculty and write down all the key points that the faculty discusses in the class. It is worth mentioning that teachers share far more valuable information in the class than what is written in books or available in online journals. Make sure to write down the key points when the teacher is taking the class.
  2. Take help of your seniors – Before you start making your own notes, always consult your seniors and ask them to share with you their books and study material. You can make your notes consulting the study material shared by seniors.
  3. Visit Library often – For making notes of subjects like economics, business law, biology etc., it is always better to take a trip to the library. Most of the colleges and universities of India have a huge collection of research journals, books and reference material. For example MMDU, Mullana has such an enormous Library that it got featured in the prestigious Limca Book of Records 2013, for making the biggest Pyramid of Books. The library has a seating capacity for more than 1500 readers and has more than 2 lakh books, CDs, videos, Theses, Standards. So while spending time in Library, you can make notes by referring to research journals and theses as well.
  4. Online journals and e-books – Your Smartphone is an ocean of information so whenever you are stuck at a topic and your text book seems insufficient, you can always Google that topic and study from the top three or four links. Online study is more helpful when you jot down the important points.

The university toppers always recommend noting down important points, quotes, diagrams, data, examples and observations in your notebook for ready reference during exam preparation.



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