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Which is better – studying alone or in a group?

Which is better, studying alone or in a group? The question is important for students of higher classes as they face challenges in understanding difficult concepts of Science and Mathematics on their own. Some subjects need discussion; so students start studying in groups. However, some students have this habit of studying alone.

Hence the confusion – which is a better way of studying and scoring! Should you study in the privacy of your room and alone or should you plan your group study sessions? We are sharing the pros and cons of both with special advice from CBSE toppers of last year –

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Studying at Home 

The best part about studying alone is –

  • No disturbance as you study in the comfort of your home
  • Everything ready at your disposal
  • Parents ready to help and take care of your needs
  • Sibling there to be your stress-buster
  • Easy and fun food breaks in between

Home study sessions or studying alone are recommended for subjects that need more focus and concentration or subjects like company law, business laws, economics etc. where one needs to learn the typical language.

The biggest disadvantage of studying at home is that you are not able to discuss your doubts or take an opinion or ask your friends their viewpoints when you are stuck on a question.

Advantages of Group study sessions

  • Learning becomes fun and easy when you plan group study sessions with your friends or classmates
  • Group study session is especially recommended for subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. in which you need to solve practical problems
  • Collective minds work better
  • The discussion makes it easy to understand difficult subjects
  • Each person has his or her own mastery or forte in a subject and thus in a group study, you get the benefit of all that
  • Group study is very beneficial for students who are weak in their studies. They can plan their study sessions with the toppers or intelligent students of the class.

However, group study sessions are effective only when all the students are serious enough. If anyone of them is in a joking or fun mood, it would lead to time wastage. Sometimes, the intelligent students end up explaining the concepts and putting in a lot of time to help other students in the group, which might result in a time shortage for them so we recommend that you plan your group study sessions keeping in mind the intelligence quotient of all members of your group.



  1. This one disadvantage of studying alone plays a big role for me. I am used to discussing what I have read and learned with my classmates; we often do tasks together and share ideas. So I like to study in a group more than alone. Although I prefer to read and write essays alone.


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