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Why is time management a problem for college students?

Often students complain that they were short of time and that’s why they couldn’t prepare well for their exam and hence justify their low scores! Have you ever wondered why students are always short of time? The answer is the current generation lacks time management skill which is very important to succeed in life. This special blog by expert academicians would guide the young ones on how to manage their time properly and eliminate time-killing actions and habits from their schedule.

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So why is time management a problem for college students?

The three simple answers to this question are –

  1. Plenty of options – Today’s students have so many things to do that they are unable to divide their time according to their priorities. They have to do gym, they have to do regular classes, extra classes, they have live projects and they also have a social circle. Then there are many interesting extra-curricular activities especially for students who are part of a vibrant university like MMDU, Mullana. This means their plate is full of activities; they need to be smart enough to mark their priorities and divide their time accordingly. Most of the students fail to do this and face time management problems.
  2. Digital media and Gadgets – The biggest time-eaters for the current generation are social media and gadgets. So many college students are addicted to games like PUB-G, Candy Crush Saga and play Ludo online. They forget how much time they waste every day playing these games on the gadgets. Similarly, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook eat up their time which they continue to waste scrolling into others’ profiles.
  3. Non-serious attitude – The third main reason that creates time management problems for college students is the lack of seriousness and focus. Students treat their college years as a fun time and don’t pay attention to their LIVE projects, workshops, seminars, and industry visits. They are hardly bothered about their CGPA and scores. So, when they are not focusing on their academic performance, they end up wasting the time doing things that will not give them any career growth.

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Time Management Tips –

  • Write down your list of “Things to do” every morning and assess at the end of the day how many of these tasks you succeeded in accomplishing.
  • Give yourself targets to achieve in terms of completing a project or work in a stipulated time.
  • Note down your progress and see whether you are improving daily or not
  • Write down a journal of your daily routine and identify habits or actions that waste time. Calculate the time you spend daily on such activities and aim to reduce this time every day.
  • Start saying ‘No’ to those things that don’t serve your purpose or add value to your life.


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