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How to handle stress during college?

College life is meant to be the period of maximum fun, memories, and learning so the first question is why would a student feel stressed during college! There are many reasons shared by students narrating the causes that create a stressful college life. These include –

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  • College Life is the beginning of a new phase of life so that is one of the main reasons for stress.
  • The stress of making new friends after school friends part ways
  • The stress of the new pattern of studies
  • A different level of stress exists for those students who have changed their stream from science to commerce or commerce to arts or arts to commerce
  • The stress of living far away from your parents
  • Some students have reported stress of ragging as well but most of the universities and colleges have strong laws against Ragging. Like MMDU, Mullana has not reported a single incident of ragging in the last 3 years.

All these experiences are new for the students of college so what they should do to handle the stress during college?

  1. Focus on your goal – The best way to beat the stress is to keep the focus on your academic goals. Students are advised to take part in LIVE workshops, training, seminars by experts and gain as much as they can in the classroom and beyond.
  2. Make new friends and find new mentors – College life is the time when you are exposed to the best of faculties. So, feel free to share your doubts with them, ask them questions and learn as much as you can from them. You can even share your personal problems and challenges with your mentors and it would be a great stress buster. Making new friends in college life is also the best way forwards towards enjoying your college years.
  3. Nurture your hobbies – College life prepares you for the next challenges of life; so make sure to nurture your innate potential during college time. Take part in extra-curricular activities. The best part of being in college is the opportunities you can explore and the platforms where you can perform. There are so many youth festivals and college competitions that are being organized all around the year. You can take part in these competitions and show your talent at national as well as global level.
  4. Join the training program – Some of the top professional courses like BBA, LLB, etc. offer the students a chance to take up a professional internship or training program during the college years. It is very important that you take part in these training programs and join some organization for practical learning.

All these things will help you in your future life and guide you to achieve your maximum potential minus all stress!



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