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How to increase concentration?

Focus or concentration is the key word that differentiated Arjun from an ordinary warrior! In today’s word of gadgets, smartphones and digital information overload, most of the students have reported lack of concentration as the main challenge while taking their exams. It is one main reason that leaves them with lack of confidence and less than average percentage as well as performance. Scoring less marks in class XII CBSE Exams could be a big problem especially for those students who wish to take admission into one of the top 10 colleges or leading universities of India.

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In this article, we are sharing the practical tips given by academic experts on how to enhance and strengthen your concentration. This will help the youth to not only tackle their exams well but also to do good work in their day-to-day life.

  1. Train your Mind – The mind can be trained to concentrate or focus on one point. This can be done by indulging in games like Sudoku, puzzles, analytical problems etc. Once you start solving these problems, you can gradually move to higher or tough levels and in the process you would yourself notice that your concentration has improved multiple times from the time when you started.
  2. Eat well; Sleep well – You cannot focus on your books or even on a movie if you have not eaten well or slept well. Eating well means eating a balanced diet; a diet that includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber and minerals as well. Try to chuck out the junk food from your diet. It gives you nothing except obesity. Add more greens in your diet and make sure to take at least one fruit a day. One cannot focus on a problem on an empty stomach so eat at regular intervals. Equally important is sleeping well. The young ones should enjoy at least 7 to 8 hours sleep a day. Sleeplessness also causes lack of concentration; that’s why most of the CBSE toppers recommend sleeping on time for the night before the exam.
  3. Minimize your dependence on Gadgets – Less Gadgets and more conversations is the key to enhance your focus. So, whenever you feel stuck in a problem, do not try to search the answer in a gadget; rather ask your teacher about it because when you ask a question, you get an in-depth answer which will help you understand the problem in totality. This will also clarify your concepts and will help you concentrate on the problem with conceptual knowledge.
  4. Physical activity – Being a couch potato or mouse potato would not fetch you great marks; you need to go out and breathe in the fresh air or do some running or play a game. Students who have joined some physical activity or a gym or do Pranayam or Yoga have reported better focus levels than those who are only into their books. Reading books and listening to music is also a good me-time and helps in improving your concentration.
  5. Expert Medical help – Concentration can be a problem for students who report of having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which is known for creating learning and memory challenges or Cognitive Dysfunctions. Vision problem is also one of the main reasons that hamper a young one’s concentration. We recommend that you can take the help of a counselor or an expert doctor in this case.

Remember, it is not just the school or college where you need to have good concentration to do well. A focused approach would help you in job and life as well.




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