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How to overcome stage fear when speaking in public

Stage Fear is for real; especially for those people who are not confident about their speaking skills, their personality is generally introvert. But in today’s competitive world, it is important to overcome the stage fear because in every phase of life, whether in school or college or at the university level or while applying for the job and even during your job, one needs to communicate with people. You would need to make presentations in college; you have to be a part of LIVE projects and workshops in university and you have to make presentations when you enter the professional work scenario. Professionals like MBAs have to make presentations to top management and lawyers have to address the judiciary and the court. So public speaking skills are a must to master for the youth.

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The youth needs to work on their speaking skills; the biggest challenge is how to overcome the stage fear. Sharing some tried and tested practical tips that will help you overcome the stage fear –

  1. Practice speaking in front of the mirror – Whenever you have to make a speech, start practicing at home in front of the mirror. Make sure to look at yourself in the eyes. This is what will give you the confidence to speak without hesitation. If you can look at your audience in the eyes; it is the time when you’ve conquered the fear of facing people.
  2. Watch more videos of stand-up comedy and LIVE poetry sessions – We live in the times of stand-up comedy and so many young boys and girls have made a career in standup comedy and stage poetry. These videos are available on YouTube and Facebook. You can watch these videos and see how these stage presenters crack even the lame jokes with confidence.
  3. Work on your English speaking skills – There is no harm in starting your public speaking activity in your mother tongue so if you’re confident of speaking in Hindi, you can start with Hindi speeches. It is, however, very important to master the global language so you must work on your English speaking skills. Most of the people hesitate from speaking in English because they are not clear about the pronunciation of the words. The easiest thing to do in this is to hear audio of confusing words. Start watching English movies without subtitles and hearing News in English to learn the correct pronunciation of confusing words.
  4. Overcoming the fear of failure – You will be able to become a good public speaker once you overcome the fear of failure or forgetting your speech on the stage. Do not go on the stage with a rote learning attitude. Whatever topic you are going to speak on, make sure you understand it in totality and can speak with fluency. You will never forget your speech if you understand the topic in detail.

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