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Time Management: 5 Strategies for Better Time Management

Even the richest of men cannot buy time. That alone is sufficient to understand how important time is! All those people who have achieved success in life, are fit and healthy and have a better social life – they all have one thing in common – Time Management. Time Management is the art of doing more in less time. It also means putting your time in productive activities more than your idle time. However, we all need to understand that time management doesn’t aim to make you a machine; it just makes you more humane so that you can enjoy your leisure as well as lazy time without feeling the guilt of wasting precious hours.

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Time Management is especially very important for students who are doing a professional course because this art/skill would not only help them score good marks while studying but also help them to be better professionals and do justice to their work profile. In case you are a student doing any of the professional courses, the article would help you with some practical tips and techniques and strategies for better time management.

Understand your priorities

The best way to be a good time manager is to understand what is more important for you right now. If health is important, you should choose to go for a walk or workout rather than wasting time on social media sites.

Identify time killers

We all have certain addictions or habits that kill our time and add to our work pressure. In the recent past, owing to widespread internet services, many people have complained of addiction to mobile games like PUBG, Candy Crush Saga or Online Ludo. These may be great stress busters but they are a big problem in case you become addicted to them. The only way out is to DELETE these Apps from your phone.

Make your To-Do List every day and cross-check at night

All successful people plan their day; what about you? The best foot forward is to write your To-Do list of the day in the morning and check how many tasks have you accomplished in a day. Try improving your accomplishment score every day.

Learn to say NO

That’s the easiest way to save time. If you are not keen to work on a group assignment, say them a straight forward NO rather than wasting time. If you don’t wish to be a part of group bunk, say NO and choose to attend class. This habit of saying NO helps the students become better managers and leaders in the future.

Don’t aim for Incomplete or Half work

We lose maximum time when we complete an action or assignment in parts. So when you sit for an assignment or project, make sure to complete it fully before getting on to another thing.

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These simple habits would not only add more value to your day but also help you achieve more in life. Stay tuned to MMDU social media handles to get more such interesting updates on life skills and life coaching for success.



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