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8 Greatest Challenges Faced By Our Engineering Education System

Engineering is the first choice of every second young girl or boy in India. The reason is the high employability quotient, respect and plenty of job as well as growth opportunities associated with engineering field. However, it’s not easy to take admission into one of the best engineering colleges of Haryana. And if you do not take admission in a top engineering college and choose to do B. Tech from any tier-2 or tier-3 engineering institution, you will have to struggle with:

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1.Ordinary Campus not Preferred by Recruiters

Recruiters are more willing to offer a well-paying job to students from top-rated campuses rather than to someone from a tier-2 college who has scored higher marks and has more talent. This way more deserving candidates are often left behind.

2. Preference given to Big Institutions and Universities

Students who deserve a rightful employability badge may very well be from any of the tier-2 colleges but they won’t get preference in career and promotion because they do not carry the brand name of a top engineering college.

3. No Proper Training

Only the best engineering colleges in Haryana like MM Engineering College ensure proper training and internship for their students to bridge the skills gap.  Other colleges fall behind in providing technical skills, logical ability, quantitative ability & essential communication skills and more.

4.Expert Faculty and World-Class Resources Missing

Currently in the country, there is a serious dearth of well educated, reliable, qualified and sound educators.  Holding a PhD in the subject doesn’t suffice. One has to keep up with industry standards and demands as well. The faculty of MM Engineering College is the biggest pull for students who wish to do a B. Tech that helps them evolve and grow in global industry.

5.Good Placement Missing

A large number of engineering colleges in India lack a proper channel of student placement. They have a placement cell but nobody to run it efficiently. There is no one to make our students ready to be picked by the biggest names in the industry. MM Engineering College, on the other hand, is known for its regular and highly successful placement drives.

6.Syllabus is not updated as regularly as it should be

Most of the engineering colleges in India continue to ignore the industry demands and follow just the old patterns and pedagogy.

7.Severe lack of LIVE Projects

Students of Engineering Colleges should be given opportunity to take part in LIVE projects that would help them get ready for industry experience.

8.No international content or material that creates awareness about international practices and standards

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It is important for students to check whether an engineering college overcomes all these challenges of engineering education before finalizing to take admission into it. You can check the link to understand how MM Engineering College has revolutionized engineering education in last few years.



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