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Maximizing Your MBA: Specializations to Consider in 2021

Covid or No-Covid, MBA would remain the most preferred courses for the career-minded youth. The reason is simple – Business and Industry cannot flourish without managers. In the post-Covid 19 world, the demand for managers who can manage and lead the business as well as teams from remote locations will increase further. So this is just the right time to enroll for the MBA course from one of the top Business Schools or Universities of India. But make sure you choose the right specialization when you consider to MBA in 2021.

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Choosing a specialization in MBA has to be in sync with your career goal. Master of Business Administration or the MBA degree offers plethora of options to choose from in order to be specialized in any major stream of business. No matter if you want to expand your knowledge of business or want to get a desired qualification in order to seek a management profile, it’s vital to choose your field of academic study with utmost care.

Some of the most popular streams to consider in 2021 are:

  1. Finance: Management of finance is needed in almost every profession or business. Hence, it has gained popularity over the last decade and is having further specializations in International Finance or Corporate Finance and can be opted as per the requisite knowledge sought for by an individual.
  2. Human Resource: Another important field is of Human Resource. Employees are an inseparable asset of any organization and the HR management is responsible for their recruitment, retaining, relieving and benefits. Thus, HR Managers are in high demand and is one of the best options to go ahead as an MBA specialization in 2021.
  3. Information Technology: The contemporary era is of digital revolution; therefore, the relevance of Information Technology cannot be overlooked. Considering the higher job prospects, this stream is being considered by many aspirants in 2021. MBA graduates in Information Technology are in high demand for Artificial Intelligence based projects or large corporate business models.
  4. Marketing: Sales and marketing channels have grown noticeably in last ten years. It includes but is not limited to Public relations, Advertising, Media, direct as well as indirect sales. Remunerations in marketing are quite high since this department contributes to profits in any business or organization making it the topmost preference of outgoing individuals.
  5. International Business: Exports and Imports have gained a lot of importance these days. Business houses are looking for expert managers who can plan and execute strategies or projects with respect to international business.

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There is no dearth of options of MBA specializations. In fact, MMIM, the Management Institute under MM(DU) is offering specialization in Hospitality Management, Hospital Management, and Agri Business Management along with all the specializations listed above. We recommend you to do a thorough research before selecting a major stream. Your selection should be based on facts, interests, statistics and knowledge which is best suited for you and caters to your future goals. For more details about the placement and success stories of MMIM MBA students, click:



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