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Importance of a B.Com (Hons.) Degree in Today’s World

B.Com (Hons.) or the Bachelor of Commerce with Honours is the first choice of commerce students. This is a three-year undergraduate program opted by students after completion of the 12th grade. The course is different from the regular B.Com course in being more industry-relevant. The course has been tailor-made to inculcate business acumen in the students and offers specialization in one of the specific subjects like accounting, economics, taxation, etc.

The course is one of the finest in terms of career and scope afterward. Commerce students choose to do B.Com (Hons) as it hosts a wider spectrum of career options to choose from.

 1) MBA: With a fundamental orientation towards a subject during specialization of B.Com (H), the road map for the journey ahead lays clear. Graduation enables a student to gain a foothold which can get strengthened further during the post-graduation phase. So a (H) graduate is better equipped than a general B.Com graduate for a regular Masters of Business Administration curriculum.

 2) LAW: The B.Com (Hons.) curriculum gives an aspirant a better chance to delve into the details of subjects like Corporate, taxation, and Business Law and this could be pursued as a full-fledged career in Law. The aspirant needs to take an entrance test (CLAT) and seek enrolment in a three year LLB course.

3) CHARTED ACCOUNTANCY: A condign sensitization to subjects like taxation, audit or accountancy can be instrumental in shaping up a full-blown career in a domain where these fields of study find wide application.

 4) CHARTED FINANCIAL ANALYST: This is a course of International recognition. The B.Com (H) aspirant is better endowed to clear the level 1 entrance exam owing to the wider gamut of his curriculum.

5) COMPANY SECRETARY: An entrance exam for the CS may be taken post-B.Com Honors and one can get all set to work in the regulatory compliance sector.

6) FINANCIAL RISK MANAGER: Post B.Com (H) the aspirant can go ahead being a financial risk manager and specialize in the fields of market risk calculation, trading, sales, and calculating the earning potential or success of a business.

7) ACTUARIAL SCIENCES: The (H) graduate can sit through the tests conducted by the actuarial sciences society of India and set off to be an Actuary. Actuarial science applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in finance, insurance, and other industries.

8) CONSULTANCY: These jobs can be a good option for those who are adept in the field of Finance and Analysis. A CFA course along with an investment management portfolio, experience in a bank will promise a competitive edge to the aspirant.

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