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Pharamcy Education: Your doorway to bright Career

We live in the era of healthcare where the role of pharmacists continues to expand everyday! There is no dearth of lucrative career opportunities after completing a degree in pharmacy; however, the important consideration is to choose one of the top Pharmacy schools for your degree in Pharmacy. Read on to know more about the global trends in the Pharmacy profession and industry –

Pharmacy is one of the most popular careers that associates the knowledge of the healthcare industry with the secured and efficient use of pharmaceutical drugs.  Pharmacists are the professionals who gain expertise in the study of medicines and then recommend its usage for the benefit of patients. This stream of education has immense career scope and fruitful job opportunities. New pharmaceutical companies are coming up in North India signifying that the future holds bright prospects for Pharmacy students. There are jobs in both the public sector as well as private once you finish your B.Pharma degree or PharmD from a reputed College of Pharmacy. Students can choose to explore career options in the following fields –

  • Sales and Marketing-Any person with impressive communication skills and a positive personality can choose to be a Therapeutic Sales Representative. A Therapeutic Sales Representative is expected to possess decent information regarding the drugs and their impact on a particular disease. Aspiring go-getters can grow in this field and aspire to reach the level of MD, item supervisor, or zone administrator.
  • Control Manager – A Bachelor in Pharmacy can also join a pharmaceutical company as a Control Manager. The responsibility of the Control Manager in this field is to ascertain the medicine quality concerning clinical safety and other quality parameters. They are also responsible to keep a stringent check on each update so that the quality of medicines is maintained as per global standards and medical guidelines.
  • Production – In the majority of the pharmaceutical companies, the graduates in Pharmacy are given the responsibility of heading the production plant. In this case, Pharmacy graduates are made production supervisors and given the responsibility of looking after the production and fabrication of different medications. Production supervisor gets promoted to the level of production manager where his responsibility would include assuming full responsibility for the operational capacity of the plant and guarantee of product quality.
  • Drug Inspector – Drug Inspector takes the responsibility to control the incidence of fake medicines, harmful medicines, and pharmacy frauds. The pharmaceutical companies and all the medical stores are under their control and the drug inspectors monitor the medical ecosystem closely. It is their responsibility to find out and report if any illicit or inconsistent work is being done with the medication regulations.
  • Pharmacists in the Hospital-They carry out the duty of administering and acquiring curative items and materials used in the hospitals or clinics. They can also get employed in healthcare centers, nursing homes, etc. Their duty besides the core function is to incorporate functioning with an additional restorative faculty. Giving appropriate medicines, counseling the patients, keeping an accurate track of the medical history of the patient, and looking after the hospital supplies form an integral part of his duty.


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