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Pills Or Herbs? We Guide you Right at MM Campus.

India is a big country with huge population. The disease burden is heavy owing to the minuscule level of patient to doctor ratio. It is said that there is only one doctor on 1700 people in India. Owing to this and weak healthcare structure people tend to self-medicate themselves and we have self-proclaimed, unofficial, non certified doctors namely our aunts, grandparents, neighbours etc. Little knowledge about medicines makes it a risky aware as we tend to use strong antibiotics and other powerful drugs which can cause lot harm than cure.

There are a number of herbs which are traditionally known for their therapeutic properties. Some people might experience adverse effects from some herbs, just as they would from other manufactured medicines.

Finally, mixing herbs and medications might not be a wise idea, so check with your doctor before you attempt to treat anything with herbs. All these possible interactions and incompatibilities are elaborated to the students during the course of study.

We here at our institute not only prepare trained Pharmacy professionals but also give our students in-depth knowledge of our traditional system of medicine, Ayurveda and its allied branches.

For instance, Blackberry root bark has been used as an herbal remedy for diarrhoea. It is commonly available as tinctures in the market and just a teaspoon every four hours could work wonders against diarrhoea

Although 130 countries have regulations on folk medicines, there are risks associated with the use of them. It is often assumed that because these medicines are herbal or natural, they would be safe. In order to get rid of this dangerous habit, our country needs professionals who not only carry a great subject knowledge but also are trained well to take upon the responsibility of improving the health of our citizens. People must be educated that these herbal products are also associated with harmful effects and toxicity if not taken under proper supervision and guidance.

Also, it is well said, that Nature is smart enough to put the medicine in the food. So, we should eat lots of seasonal vegetables and fruits as it have beneficial effects on the body and soul. Such foods are known as functional foods.

These days if you suffer from chronic pain, you probably think you have two options: pop pills or tough it out. But medical doctors are increasingly turning to natural pain relief alternatives—like acupuncture, yoga, and even hypnosis—to help their patients feel better. In fact, pain is now among the most common reasons people turn to complementary and alternative medicine in the first place.

We teach students about various therapies that can offer you relief—without drugs. Check out some of these easy herbal remedies below:

  1. Massage: Good for Back pain, osteoarthritis, tension headaches, fibromyalgia, neck pain, and surgery-related discomfort. Massage therapy has been shown to boost levels of endorphins and serotonin—the body’s natural painkillers and mood regulators—and to reduce stress hormone levels.
  2. Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy: The talking cure can change the way you think about your aches, and can also reduce stress, which worsens many kinds of pain. That’s because lifestyle changes and stress reduction not only help reduce pain, but they also help you cope with the symptoms when they flare up.
  3. Acupuncture, Meditation, and Yoga: Good for Chronic back pain, migraines, tension headaches, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, sciatica, migraines and rheumatoid arthritis
  4. Cold Shower or a Cold Compress:Muscles that are overworked respond very well to cold water. It helps in easing the damage caused by muscle overuse. Take a cold bath or shower to gain quick relief. We can also use a cold compress to relieve stiffness and soreness of the muscles.
  5. Herbal remedies: Apart from changing lifestyle, doing yoga and meditation, there are naturally available  products which carry a lot of medicinal value. Some of them are below:
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: It is known to be highly effective in soothing body pain. All we need to do is to fill the bathtub with warm water and add two cups of apple cider vinegar to it. Soak in this mixture and let the pain you feel slowly fade away.
  • Ginger: Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is a great natural remedy for body aches and pains. It improves blood flow and circulation as well. Ginger tea gives relief from the pain you feel in your muscles.
  • Turmeric: This herb has anti-inflammatory properties and works very well as a natural painkiller. We can drink hot milk with a teaspoon of turmeric to heal the affected area internally. Also, we can make a poultice using equal parts of salt, lemon juice, and grated fresh turmeric to apply to the affected areas for cure and pain relief.

Herbal Boon At MM Pharmacy College.

Our vision is to prepare pharmacists and doctors who would not only treat with medicines but interest his or her patients in the care of living beings by suggesting proper diet and nutrition, and in the cause and prevention of diseases.

A well maintained medicinal garden is located at University with more than 85 varieties and around 500 plants having medicinal properties. The purpose of the Medicinal Plant Garden is to demonstrate some of the plants that have been the source of medicines in the past and present and to share interesting historical information. The state of the art labs, museum, and medicinal garden gives a lot of practical knowledge about the drugs and their therapeutic actions. M.M. Deemed University has been working towards this direction by imparting in-depth education on medications both natural as well as synthetic and also other methods to cure such as messages, yoga, and meditation. We have highly-qualified teachers who carry a passion to impart education to our students who get enrolled in our courses.

At MM campus, we provide various courses under pharmacy:

  • B.Pharm
  • M.Pharm (Pharmacology)
  • M.Pharm (Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance)
  • M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics)
  • Pharm.D
  • Ph.D

For further information and clarifications, kindly visit our website:

By Dr.Prerna,Pharmacy department,M.M(Deemed to be University)




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