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Suicidal Tendencies amongst Students: Reasons and Repercussions

Attitude and suicide both the words are interconnected with each other and have a close relation. Attitude means a settled way of thinking or feeling about something and the process of achieving something. Whereas suicide offense an act of intentionally causing one’s own death due to risk factor which includes depression, bipolar disorders including the use of alcoholism and the use of benzodiazepines.

College students and suicide

The attitude of college students towards wicketkeeper is quite questionable. This is because of their thinking process and their attitude which they possess towards life. As a survey conducted college students commit suicide due to mental illness, depression, and stress. Now the question arises what are the main factors responsible for the mental illness, depression, and stress in students. Is it their study pressure, relationship or their future goal or aim?

In actual, if we see life is like a cricket match and we are the players of this match. In this match of life, there is no wicket, no wicketkeeper, and no other player. In this match only we and life act as the players of this match. Life is throwing ball after ball which means we are getting one opportunity after another. But even if one the ball is missed we get depressed and think that our life is over and due to which some of us commit suicide. Instead of committing suicide we should take the things positively that if we miss one opportunity then another big opportunity will come to us. “Life is like a game to be played”. We can’t understand the process of life because it is beyond our thinking process. Even our “failures are regarded as the learning process towards success”. Hence, with the fear of failures, committing suicide is a foolishness.

Provisions made by Indian law to prohibit suicides

Indian law has also made various statutory provisions to stop the evil and eradicate it from the society.

Article 21(3) provides that Right to Life is one of the basic human rights and not even the State has the authority to violate this right. Section-309 of IPC, 1860 provides punishment for an attempt to suicide. Suicide is treated as a criminal offense under this section. Section 309 highlights the needs for the decriminalization of suicide attempts in India. The Mental Health Care Bill, 2013, still under consideration in the Rajya Sabha, has proposed that suicide attempts should not be criminally prosecuted. Section-306 of IPC, 1860 provides that if any person commits suicide, abets the commission of such suicide, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to ten years, and liable for fine.

So, “Life is like a game and be the game changer of your life”. “You win over life when you act positively in a negative situation”. Develop a positive attitude towards life and live the life to the full extent.


Vinay Kumar Arya,

B.A.-LLB (4th Year)

Dept. of Law, MMDU, Mullana






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