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Career Opportunities after B.Tech in Biotechnology

This 3-minute article would tell you how study of subjects like Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology etc. combined with engineering subjects like Biochemical Engineering, Thermodynamics, Mass Transfer etc. hold lucrative prospects in the future. In other words, read on to know how to succeed in life with a B.Tech in Biotechnology.

In the recent pandemic situation due to COVID-19, we have seen how everyone invested their hopes in the medical consultants. The global population not just looked forward to receiving help from the doctors, but also from the biotechnology specialists to bring their life back to normalcy. After all, people not just needed treatment, but also the vaccination to stay safe and protected during the pandemic. And so, biotechnology came to the forefront.

In our modern society, whenever we will face such problems, we would start looking upto professionals holding a degree or a specialisation in the field of Biotechnology. No wonder, B.Tech in Biotechnology has emerged as the first choice of the youth. A B.Tech degree in Biotechnology can help people enjoy huge opportunities in the coming years. But before you start to make the final decision of opting for the B.Tech in Biotechnology, it is always important to know everything about the career opportunities after this B.Tech.

What is Biotechnology Engineering?

The modern world demands evolution, which does not just involve a combination of biology and technology. Are you looking for a degree in an innovative field? If yes, then Biotech Engineering is the way to go as this is one of the most progressive and fruitful branches of science and technology.

The students of B.Tech in Biotechnology deal with subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering along with the principles integrated together to develop products and technologies that are aimed to help improvise human life.

The major concentration of the B.Tech in Biotechnology remains on four areas:

  • Medicine
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Environment

Career options after B.Tech in Biotechnology

1. Research Scientist: Have you been dreaming to don those white coats and do research work at world-class laboratories to find antidotes? Well, this is something that the Research Scientists do after they complete their education in Biotechnology. As a graduate in Biotechnology, you are eligible to apply for jobs in Government Research Institutes such as the following:

  • Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB)
  • National Brain Research Centre
  • National Institute of Oceanography

There are various vacancies in the Government Research Institutes so you can research online for these vacancies to check the eligibility criteria before you opt for admission in B.Tech in Biotechnology.

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2. Lecturer of Biology: Once you complete your B.Tech degree in Biotechnology, you will be eligible to apply for the post of a lecturer in various Government Institutions and private institutions. It is very important that the students applying for the lectureship in the government or private Institutes have very good academic skills and the ability to teach the subjects with clarity. This is why it is suggested to have some prior experience in teaching before applying for the job in this field. Knowledge in Genetics and Molecular Biology is also very important when you want to apply for a government lecturer post. To get the job, you are likely to require clearing different types of government exams by different government organizations to be recruited to the various government posts.  

3. Private Jobs: The scope and career opportunities after B.Tech in Biotechnology are not just limited to the government sectors online, there are various great opportunities in the private field as well. And believe me, you can earn quite well when working with the private jobs after B.Tech in Biotechnology. There are various pharmaceutical companies across the world that keep hiring professionals for research to find different types of medicines that can help treat health problems on the lowest budget. Some of these companies are quite renowned like Hindustan lever, Cadila, Cipla, Dabur, Rossari Biotech India Pvt. Ltd, etc. After completing the B.Tech in Biotechnology, you can be eligible to apply for the post of Marketing Manager, Quality Control officer, etc. in these pharma companies.

4. IT Jobs: It may sound like a surprise to you, but there are many IT companies that hire graduates in Biotechnology to work on their software development work that deals with medical services. There are many websites or mobile applications that deal with pharma and medicines to help make life easier for the global population. You can complete your Biotechnology graduation degree and then do a software course to apply for a software developer job at an IT company.

5. Biotechnologist: Here comes one of the most lucrative jobs that you can opt for after completing your B.Tech degree in Biotechnology – Biotechnologist. As a professional bio-technologists, you may be required to work in the marketing divisions of an organization to develop business in sectors where their products would be required. You can apply for a bio-technologist job in various organizations, some of them globally renowned like:

  • Hindustan Lever
  • Hindustan Antibiotics
  • Thapar Group
  • Indo American Hybrid Seeds
  • Benson India Ltd.
  • Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

Plus, you can also carve a niche for yourself working on the profile of Microbiologist or Food Scientist and Technologist or even as a Soil or Plant Scientist. Now that sounds very exciting!

According to the specialists in the field, B.Tech in Biotechnology is a highly in-demand field and the salary is quite rewarding. When you want to opt for a good career opportunity, choosing B.Tech in Biotechnology seems just the right choice.

So if you have decided to pursue B.Tech in Biotechnology, read more about this degree program offered by one of the leading academic institutions MM(DU), Mullana. The university offers a B.Tech in Biotechnology that would help you to know in detail gene, cloning & expression, and application of recombinant DNA technology. You can also take a look at the success stories of MM(DU) Biotechnology students at this link. 



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