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What is the Difference between B.Sc. Biotechnology and B. Tech Biotechnology?

Most of the Science students ask this question and for all the valid reasons. Their life depends on their choice of career so which stream should they choose – B. Tech in Biotechnology or B. Sc in Biotechnology. The major difference between any B. Sc degree and B. Tech degree is the fact that admission to B. Tech is a professional engineering degree and only approved engineering institutes are authorized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the University Grants Commission (India) (UGC) to give this degree; B.Sc however is an academic course which is available in almost every college of India. So B.Tech degree has higher brand value and employability quotient.

To understand other major differences between B.Sc. Biotechnology and B. Tech Biotechnology , a student can consider following points –

•The course of B.Sc. Biotechnology is of 3 years while that of B. Tech Biotechnology extends over a span of 4 years.

• In B.Sc. Biotechnology, the student will directly acquire knowledge of the core subjects in the first academic year whereas in B. Tech Biotechnology he will become well-versed with the other disciplines of engineering and maximum papers from these subjects only.

• In B.Sc. Biotechnology, the undergraduates have a relaxed timetable with moderate laboratory work in the second year. In contrast, B. Tech Biotechnology’s second year begins with a great number of major subjects and rigorous laboratory work to do. Apart from this, in B.Tech. Biotechnology the curriculum is slightly of advanced level with technology-oriented life science subjects such as Microbial Technology, Fermentation, Immunotechnology, Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, Recombinant DNA Technology etc.

• The educational program of B.Sc. Biotechnology lays emphasis on the theoretical aspects of the various subjects while B.Tech Biotechnology focuses attention on the application of theoretical knowledge.

B.Tech has more focus on industrial processes and provides an opportunity to do summer training or internship in related industries.

• Both the fields are two different streams altogether. If a scholar desires to plan a career in Biotechnology, he will have to study to a greater extent or level. The B. Sc Biotechnology graduate would follow a pure science stream while the B. Tech Biotechnology graduate would pursue a technology-oriented stream.

Scope of B.Sc. Biotechnology and B. Tech Biotechnology

As far as the scope of higher studies is concerned, B.Tech Biotechnology has an advantage over B.Sc. Biotechnology. The reason for this supremacy is that B. Tech Biotechnology has higher demand in market owing to its professional nature.

The field of biotechnology is experiencing an excellent growth globally. India would hold a competitive edge in this industry due to the copious knowledge bank it holds. A biotechnologist, whether in the domain of science (B.Sc.) or technology (B. Tech), would be able to find job opportunities in several pharmaceutical or biotechnology firms or in agricultural, chemical, and allied industries.

The various research institutes, as well as laboratories would open a number of job avenues for the students with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. Teaching would also be a good option for those who are academically inclined. Studies in general and employment in particular in case of Biotechnology are predominantly research and development based having underlying implications in diverse sectors of life sciences.



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