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Do you need to be good at math for computer science?

If there is one subject that has equal lovers and haters, it is definitely mathematics. Math is one of the most important subjects of our school time and interestingly many career choices depend on how good you are in the subject. No wonder, every student asking this question – is it important to be good at Math to pursue computer science? The question becomes imperative because if you aspire to take admission in the best engineering college for computer science, it is important to have expert-level in all three subjects of Non Medical – Physics, Chemistry and Math. So before we give you a concrete answer to the question, let us first tell you how computer science and Math are related.

Computer science is all about using computer programs and practical approach to creating applications related with computers. So how does mathematics fit in between computer science and programming? The answer is – there are certain subjects of mathematics like calculus, probability, statistics, linear algebra, linear programming etc that are purely related with computer science and computer programming. So all those students who wish to pursue their higher education in one of the best engineering colleges for computer science and build their career in creating applications or programming, good mathematics is the best bonus they can ask for!

The simple way to correlate your career interest and choice is that everyone who is good at mathematics can surely go for computer science but that shouldn’t stop you from taking computer science if you are just an average student in Math. Computer science is a vast field and there are many things that a student can do with just basic understanding of Math like web app development, operating systems etc. You can excel in other branches than programming or coding in computer science engineering even if you are not a topper in mathematics.

Student who wants to build a flourishing career in programming, good mathematical mind is a big strength. In fact, you are not expected to be good at arithmetic, calculations or geometry, computer science engineering is best done when students have a strong mathematical thinking.

For that matter, if you wish to do engineering in any other field than computer science; say mechanical engineering or electronics engineering; your marks and expertise level in three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, decide which institute you get admission in to and for what branch of engineering. So computer science engineering students are by default expected to be good at Math. Moreover, if you want to build a career in artificial intelligence, command in statistics, calculus, probability, logic and a little bit of knowledge of all these branches of mathematics would help you learn faster and better.

However, if you are a student having Math anxiety, you can always overcome that with regular practice and focusing on subjects or topics of Math that are related with computer science engineering. Computer science engineering is an extensive field and there is so much more that a student can accomplish even if he or she is not a mathematics wizard. But so can a student who is just average in mathematics!

Being good in Math gives a student some lead in STEM courses including computer science engineering but there is no need to feel intimidated if Math is not your favourite subject.



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