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What makes an Engineering college good?

In India, every second young boy or girl in the age group of 15-17 aspires to do Engineering. Such is the obsession with clearing JEE Main Exams and taking admission into IIT that students even give up additional one year to clear the exam and score a better rank. The problem in India is that we are a country of 1.3 billion people and have only 23 IITs. The year 2019 data says that the total number of Seats for UG Programmes in 23 IITs of India is less than 12,000. The writing on the wall is clear – Indian youth must look out for other engineering schools and colleges which are at par with IIT and help the students explore their potential and create a successful future.

So what makes an Engineering college good?

There are many good engineering colleges in India and the parameter for their excellence depends upon –

  1. Focus on learning outcomes – Engineering is a professional course that aims to create problem-solvers, analytical thinkers, innovators and ideators who will make the world a better place, who will add ease and comfort to our life and help us live a technologically-enabled life. That’s why it is important that the curriculum and learning pedagogy of engineering schools should focus on learning outcomes rather than completing the curriculum or classroom studies.
  2. Project based education – Engineering goes much beyond books; it’s not just the Newton’s three laws or Einstein’s theories that a student needs to read and understand. The study of engineering involves practical aspect that’s why the best engineering colleges of India follow project based learning. One of the top Engineering colleges of India, MM Engineering College has taken a significant lead in guiding its students to be a part of real-time projects. Recently, the students of B.Tech in Civil Engineering at MM Engineering College did a project and study on how to reduce the pollutants from the effluent.
  3. More focus on Research – It is very important that engineering education should focus on research and project work. The more the students take part in these research and project assignments, higher will be the chances of new ideas and innovations conceptualized by Indian youth.
  4. Integrated learning and centers of excellence – A good engineering college will succeed in catering to world-class industry only when it secures industry tie-ups in the segment of engineering, technology, Computer Applications etc. For example, MMDU has established its Centre of Excellence with National Instruments, Google for Education, Bosch etc which provide practical training and integrated learning to the students.

Indeed, there are many good engineering colleges in India including MM Engineering College which is gaining recognition as their students get campus placements securing lucrative offers as high as Rs 21 LPA. If you also want to pursue your career in Engineering, make sure to be a part of one such college that features in the list of India’s best engineering colleges



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