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Which one is better – BBA or B. Com?

This is the most common confusion for every 10 +2 commerce student – should he or she opt for in BBA or B.Com and which one is better! We are here to clear your confusion with our analysis –

  1. Focus of the course – Doing B.Com or B.Com (Hons) will give you an undergraduate degree in the field of commerce and it is good if you wish to pursue M.Com, CA ,CS,Tax Consultants or even MBA further. BBA however is Bachelor of Business Administration and is considered a professional degree especially for those students who have good managerial skills. While there are more accountancy related subjects in B.Com, the focus of BBA is clearly on business studies and management subjects.
  2. Career options – Students doing B.Com have wider career options to go ahead after the undergraduate degree. They can pursue any professional course like CA, CS, Master’s degree in Financial Management, Cost Accountancy or Chartered Financial Analyst or they can even go ahead with their MBA dreams. The added advantage for B.Com students is that they are eligible for M.Com, UGC and research options as well. BBA as already explained focuses on management subjects so the students have option to do MBA further in HR,IB, finance, marketing, digital technologies etc. but they will not be able to do courses like CA or M.Com.
  3. Job Placement – On the parameter of campus placement, BBA students have been better placed than B.Com. MMDU’s BBA students have been recruited by the top business organizations and MNCs through campus placement drive,while Com studnets mostly go for higher studies

So what would be better to do – MBA with BBA or MBA after B.Com?

The answer is you can do MBA both after BBA or B.Com. If you have done B.Com, you will be more knowledgeable about accountancy and taxation related subjects but if you have done BBA, your command on managerial subject and business studies would be strong.

Moreover, BBA is considered a professional undergraduation degree so its popularity is on the rise and if you also wish to enroll for this degree, we advise you to choose a good management school or university to pursue your BBA dreams. MMDU’s MM Institute of Management is well-reckoned for its BBA program and campus placements of BBA students. For more details about the same, click



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