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Career options after doing MBA

What makes MBA such a sought-after degree?

The plethora of jobs one gets to choose from is what makes MBA degree so significant and popular for the youth of today. A high employability quotient of business management programs is the reason why every second young boy or girl wants to do MBA. The top five kinds of jobs one can get after MBA are –

  1. Banking and Finance – If a student has done his or her specialization in finance, he or she can get job offers from investment banking companies or choose to work as Financial Manager with banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions. All these jobs are highly lucrative and offer ample scope of growth.
  2. Marketing Manager – with a specialization in marketing, you can explore your career in the diverse field of marketing taking up the responsibility of MarCom Manager or Marketing Head in different brand and organizations.
  3. Management Consultant – In case you want to be a problem solver or focus on increasing efficiency, controlling cost and improving productivity for any organization, you are best fitted for the job of a management consultant. Management consultants work closely with CEOs and CFOs so this job is also considered one of the plum options.
  4. Jobs in Advertising Industry – MBA pass-outs are also preferred in advertising industry owing to their extensive knowledge in project management, business development and client management.
  5. Entrepreneurship with Start-ups – Those who wish to go in entrepreneurship can explore the diverse field of start-ups and earn for themselves name, fame as well as money. This is however a challenging sector because life of a start-up initially is not easy but with your MBA degree, you can always steer the business in the right direction.

To get such lucrative jobs, it is important to do MBA from one of the best business schools of India or abroad like MMIM Business School,which is known for world-class education and preparing global managers and leaders. MMIM is so popular that it has emerged as the first choice of prime recruiters and Fortune 500 companies. Its MBA students have gained highly from campus placement earning lucrative jobs with Rs 21 LPA as highest package. The institute has registered a 40% surge in the numbers of companies that visited the campus. For more details, visit



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