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Soft Skills training for the success minded students

Hello degree holders, welcome to the real life industry.

We take you two years ahead when you begin your first job – On the first day of your job, you will realize that your brilliant marks in the examinations are not at all enough; you will feel a lack even when you’ve been taught the best and the most of your subject in the classroom which was also measured on the paper. But marks do not prepare you for life-changing professional experience; you need soft skills like analytical thinking, good communication skills, leadership attitude, time management skills, goal setting mindset and team spirit to succeed in an organization.

So why wait for two more years for the realization to dawn upon you… why not begin investing in enriching your soft skills right now!

Remember those who begin early always take the lead

Yes, as a college or university student, it is very important for you to begin training in soft skills. You can join workshops or personal enhancement programmes where you will get theoretical and practical knowledge about verbal and written communication, email etiquettes, teamwork leadership, time management etc.

Self-help books do not help

Most of you might think that you can buy Robin Sharma‘s books or Mark Manson‘s books and start your self-growth journey but these books are not enough! Attending workshops especially in communication skills, team spirit, problem solving, analytical thinking etc will go a long way in boosting not just your confidence but also making you industry-ready owing to their practical exercises and experience-sharing that happens only in a workshop. For example when we talk about Adaptability, attending the workshop from any business coach would give you a glimpse of all successful people and how they adapted to the environment, in sync their potential and passion to lead in the industry. Such face to face interactions create a permanent space in your perceptual mind space and also push you to be an early adopter of change.

Problem-solving and analytical thinking is important

Even though these are basic essence of all education, most of our text book study does not help us to become a problem solver or analytical thinker. Joining a special program or workshop would give you the knowledge on how to think on your feet when you are caught in the problem and thus add value to the organization by tackling problems and becoming a go-getter. All successful entrepreneurs look forward to hiring youngsters who possess problem-solving mindset. So believe us when we say that you cannot learn problem solving and analytical thinking from textbooks.

Workshop in communication skills and corporate grooming

The way you talk, the way you dress up, your body language and everything else marks a huge impact in your career arc. No wonder, most of the leading colleges and universities of India are now organizing workshops for their graduation and post-graduation students in corporate grooming. We recommend each and every student to enroll for these workshops and make the best use of the facilities offered by your educational institution.

Colleges and universities that have taken a lead in investing in soft skills of the students

MMDU really stands out a University that regularly organizes workshops, soft skill training programmes and personality development programmes for its students. MMDU’s students are doing great in industry; most of them are getting campus placed and bagging packages as high as 21 LPA. Their engineering, management and law courses are in high demand and based on the success stories of the students, one can correlate that the University has invested heavily in personality development programmes of their students.



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