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How beneficial are industry talks and Seminars for university students?

In world that measure success on the basis of your pay package, degree alone won’t suffice. You need to be aware of the industry working style, need to be confident and smart and you need to know the tricks of the trade. But how would a student know all this without venturing into the industry? The answer is Industry talks.

That’s the reason more and more universities in India are inviting industry experts in different fields to interact with the teachers through seminars, conferences and workshops. For example, when it comes to Mass Communication, a talk by a leading journalist, news anchor or a digital media expert can enlighten the students how real-life media works, how stories are covered and what kind of considerations make a story newsworthy. Students get to know so much more that Text books don’t explain.

Similarly when it comes to hospitality management courses or engineering courses, inviting a master chef or a successful IT personality will not only enthuse the students with new ideas but also motivate them to understand what kind of skills are needed in industry and how they need to groom themselves.

Another benefit of these industry talks are that students learn the importance of soft skills like communication, presentation, email etiquettes, corporate grooming and dressing styles. Conversing with successful people is the biggest motivation and students gain in more ways than one when the university organizes such sessions.

Leading universities of India especially MMDU, Mullana keeps on organizing such sessions and their students get the chance to interact with industry regularly which helps them focus on the needs and requirements of current industry. Every top college or university of India needs to understand that the learning environment does not include only Wi-Fi, air-conditioned rooms. ICT equipped lecture spaces, and high-tech Computer Labs; Industry talks and seminars by experts helps the students much more than anything else.



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