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Five tips for success in Indian law schools

This is a must read article for all those who desire to be successful lawyers, advocates, judges or aim to take up coveted position in the legal world. Your success in career depends on how well you do in your law school and education. Sharing with all LL.B students five sure shot tips that guarantee you success during your college or university days –

  1. Be a reader as well as a leader– Doing LLB means you need to read not just your course books but also all that’s happening around. The better your general knowledge is, higher your chances of scoring well in exams and doing well in your classroom discussions. A high general knowledge also gives you the privilege to speak on current affairs which is a big plus point for a law student.

  2. Master the skill of presentation – As a lawyer, you are required to present your case impressively and convincingly; that’s why students who work on their communication and presentation skills do well not just in education but in career also.

  3. Attend classes actively – Classroom discussions are very enlightening and students who are more active in the classrooms do well in their career. Being in the classroom gives you a good knowledge of your teacher’s, your faculty’s experience and that takes you beyond the books.

  4. Take part in Co-curricular activities – Moot courts are a common Co-curricular activity planned for students of law. So be a sport and ensure your participation in such events at national as well as international level.

  5. Do your industrial training sincerely – Most of the universities in India that offer law courses like Panjab University, Chandigarh, Department of Law, Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University), Mullana etc. send their LL.B students for industrial training and to work in different legal projects. Being a part of these case studies and training sessions sharpens your skills and gives you industry exposure which becomes very important when you actually enter the real world.




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