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What are the qualities of a good student?

The word student in itself has so many adjectives in it that if a young person imbibes all these qualities, he or she would emerge as an ideal student as well a perfect human being also. A good student is a good reader; he or she reads extensively not just the course books but about general and current affairs, trends and research as well. He or she is a thinker and goes beyond what is written in the books. A good student is diligent, confident and efficient.

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Students are expected to respect the deadlines and complete their work on time. Students are also expected to be disciplined and follow the rules of the institution. When we talk of the new age education, expectations from students are that they will use digital technology for their benefit and will not get swayed by it. A student playing PUBG on the phone is actually wasting his time and the resources of the nation.

Similarly, all the students are expected to take part in LIVE projects, seminars, workshops and sessions organized by their college or university to gain knowledge and do their best to stay updated with current trends. Students are also expected to be regular in their own classes. Another quality that we need in our students these days is that they have to be innovator and entrepreneurs. This is the world of start-ups and idea catalysts. India needs its young brigade to think of new ideas, new ways of producing goods, new ways of delivering services and how to make life better. A good student is expected to have a different mindset and go with the ideas of start-ups, strengthen innovation and do the new. That’s why colleges and universities are supporting students in their entrepreneurial dreams.

MMDU North India’s leading university, offers its students the support through incubation centre which operates within the university campus. It has its own Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) which aims to develop and strengthen the entrepreneurial in its students and support those who aspire to start their own ventures. The University is offering infrastructure and technical support to the students who have some innovative ideas that are capable of making life better for the society. There exists a Business Incubation Centre (BIC) also at M.M. (Deemed to be University) which provides business services to MMDU students, faculty and alumni. This is another trailblazing initiative by MMDU which aims to sharpen the entrepreneurial qualities of the students and take benefit of Govt. of India’s programs like “Make in India” & “Startup India”.



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